Petition for New Codes

Hello! I submitted a request for 250 codes for Event ID: 26025. It appears I was only approved for 100. I was told on Discord in the past this was due to previous POAPs being farmed. I have adjusted to a Premint process to cut down on the farmers.

Would it be possible to have all 250 codes approved? The Artwork for this POAP was created by an artist with a large following so we expect there to be high demand. Thank you very much

Hey @justinandert

Before we issue more codes for your drop, we love to know that those first 100 were put to good use. Each POAP is a gift from an issuer to collectors, in celebration of a special shared memory. Properly honor those first 100 & the Curation Body will consider your request for additional codes.

The POAP Curation Body