Petition for more than 2k codes

Hey All,
I am responsible for creating a POAP for a major comic book festival and unfortunately thought this process was less complicated for larger events. I would like to apply for more codes. We were granted 100, however there will be a minimum of 10,000 attendees at this event and it would not only be helpful for us but would provide great optics to the POAP community and ecosystem. we would even be happy with 5,000. Ideally we could then use the similar QR code used in the QR Kiosk for ease of access to acquiring the POAP for those who haven’t setup an ethereum wallet. The Black Comic Book Festival is live-streaming between today and the 15th and is facilitated by the Schomburg Center in NYC. This POAP would be the first and used as an educational tool as well as a POA. Many of the attendees will never have purchased or owned an NFT so using the POAP as their first would be amazing when accompanied by educational “How To” videos. Our second planned POAP is slated for SXSW in March. Hoping to use this POAP drop as a massive opportunity to introduce thousands of people to blockchain attendance protocols.

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Hey @burn1!

Thanks for posting your case on Discourse.The Curation Team reviewed your case and suggests you to use the POAPs that were already approved. Then you can ask for more in case you need them.

We wish you the best with your drop :dizzy:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Team

Ok, Thanks for the update. We were only allotted 100. Is there any reasoning that we cannot be allotted even 500? This is a showcase of NFT usage at one of the largest African American research institutions in the US. I have also stated that we would then follow up by using this POAP at SXSW in March. I had multiple conversations with individuals on the mod level and each one suggested that this sounded like a great idea. Confused about where the disconnect is and definitely not the answer I expected.

Hey @burn1 ,

Thanks for the note, and I completely understand the frustrating situation.

As with most web3 technology, the protocol is still heavily experimental. Throughput (stability of the network) as well as integrity (ensuring that only attendees of the event are able to claim a POAP) are both quite large concerns for us.

Based on the nature of this request, it seems like this may be the first POAP drop you’re doing. The limit on the number of mint links granted is mostly coming from a place of acknowledging that distribution can be more logistically complex than anticipated by new issuers, and in our experience, this often results in a subpar experience for collectors and issuers alike.

If you get the 100 distributed without many hiccups, you can always request more POAPs through the Edit Event page. Our team will review quickly to make sure you’re able to distribute to attendees.

Ok. Thank you so much for your response. Will see how it goes and loop back.