Petition for Approval - #35394 - Castle Kid Masterclass

  1. Drop ID : 35394
  2. Community information: Castle Kid (NFT Project)
    Please add any socials, Discord links, or other information that Curators may find useful.
  3. Nature of the event
    Celebrating our Third Masterclass session with director Colin Tilley as he sat down to discuss the art of editing with co-host Vinnie Hobbs on 3/26/22 at 6pm EST (United States)
  4. Distribution plan
    12H Redemption window through a role-based Discord channel on 3/28/22
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    I also attempted to create a secret code as I believed that would be easier/safer to distribute than the website, but possibly because I created two at once and it is my first time as a POAP issuer I was denied or withheld.

Hey @Jaboobie

For this particular use case, a Website or a Secret Word isn’t the best option.

Website :point_right: Websites are one of the simpler methods of distribution, as collectors simply need to visit the URL created by the issuer. This distribution method is ideal for situations where you are certain the people who are given this link will not share it elsewhere. A birthday party with close friends is a great example! A Website is not a good option for events with a large attendance.

Secret :point_right: Common use cases for Secrets are digital meetups like Twitter Spaces or Discord stages where you can share the Secret verbally and close the minting window after the drop ends.

Q: Do you have a list of the attendees to your event?

Yes, it was a recorded Zoom meeting with between 20-30 attendees.
Many of them started tickets in Discord, and I think responding with the secret password would be the best way after your explanation!


Secret Word is only to share verbally. If you write it, it could be leaked.

The best option would be individual mint links. Can you submit a new petition for mint links?

I submitted a new drop petition with the Event ID: 36463 for 50 mint links!

Hey @Jaboobie

Congrats, looks like your petition received a positive review for 25/50 mint links.
Feel free to request a top-up in case you need more POAPs :slight_smile:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body