OptyFi Community Call - February 4, 2022

OptyFi Community Call - February 4, 2022
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OptyFi enables all investors to simply and automatically maximize returns on DeFi assets based on personal convictions and risk preferences. This POAP celebrates the weekly Community Call on Discord. Participants will receive it through POAP.Delivery. #YIEDL.


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Hey @frankie. Any news on this POAP? Thank you!

Hello @frankie @HeuRea :face_with_peeking_eye: Everything fine with this POAP? I will submit a new request today, so I’d like to understand if there is any kind of mistake in order to not repeat it again.

Hey @tzygband,

Sorry for the delay, we’re still reviewing your petition. The curators have doubts about the size. Could you confirm that the event the POAP commemorates was actually attended by +900 people?

The POAP Curation Body

Hey @Fio, the user has to send a screenshot + take a quiz + send the Discord handle to get the POAP. I confirm I received +900 screenshots :melting_face:

I’m afraid a part of the users took the screenshot and just dropped off the call.

Maybe we could improve the verification method on our end. Do you have any suggestions?

Best regards

Here is a recording of the event: OptyFi Community Call - February 4, 2022 - YouTube

Here is a link to our Discord: OptyFi 🗝


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