Only received 20 codes instead of the requested 100

  1. [45895]

  2. While the identified account only has ~70 followers the space is hosted through the official Psychedelic’s Anonymous Spaces account and the event ended up having over 150 participants. I requested more codes but there wasn’t a place for explanation so I have a feeling it is going to get rejected. Wanted to preempt that with this appeal, provide an indication of how many people joined in, as well as request that the distribution method be changed to use wallet addresses instead.

  3. Nature of the event
    Interactive DeFi education course hosted by @DeFiningDegen through @paspaces.The course provides lessons on critical defi concepts to an NFT community, complete with competitions, quizzes, a course dashboard in notion, ect. I will be requesting these PAOP weekly for the sessions as members are taking considerable amount of time out of their day to learn about these concepts and the organization and preparation that goes into generating course material results in highly productive classes that participants should be recognized for having attended.

  4. Distribution Method
    Because I knew we would blow through the 20 I was allotted, I collected the wallet addresses of participants and that is all I have. I will not be able to gate who gets a code based on attendance now. Please let me know the best way to go about this.

  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    I requested 100 POAP for a twitter space held by an account with only 70 followers (it now has over 120). Please see attached for how many people tuned in. There was no recording, so this number only includes members that joined the actual event.

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Hey @Kaymo

Thanks for the context!

If you have the addresses of the attendees you should use Delivery. Delivery is a tool that whitelists Ethereum wallet addresses to be eligible to mint a particular POAP.

Learn How to Set Up a Delivery! :slightly_smiling_face: