OMMG POAP no confirmation yet

  1. Drop ID

  2. Community information
    Twitter: @ommgallery
    Discord: OMMG - Old Master Meme Gallery

  3. Nature of the event

We are having an event in a digital art gallery. We want to reward all the assistants for showing up for this event as it’s really important to us to make our supporters feel our recognition.

  1. Distribution plan

We will share the mint link inside the meeting.

  1. Why do you believe this petition is being held?

I have no idea. The POAP was created 2 days ago, so was the “website”. I have both email of confirmation for the creation. Just waiting for the one that says it’s been reviewed and it’s ready. I hope you can help me out, I really need them for this Wednesday 9th.

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Thanks for showing up. The description was kinda “POAP for the sake of POAP” (which doesn’t follow the Curator Guidelines: Creating Quality Drops and I believe the artwork also repeats a prior event.

If you submit a new petition with minor changes, I think you’ll be good to go. Given its just 30 people, I would recommend distributing with mint links.

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Perfect, just created a new one

Code: #31746

Thanks, you’re through :slight_smile: