No response to POAP request or follow up support message

Hey POAP team :wave: We requested some POAPs a few days ago, we heard nothing back, so we reached out to your team and still heard nothing back. Is the POAP system still working? We had previous drop and requested 100 tokens, we recieved 10, had to ask for the other 90, we recieved 20 more and so I gave up. Is this the standard experience?? I’m asking since we need to resolve it rather than soundling like I’m on a downer, it could be a great system but need to know if I am to find an alternative system?! Regards

Can you tell me where you reached out ?
Also, could you please create your request like described in this topic Introduce yourself to access the #Community category! - #4 by isabel ?

I assume you are talking about these two events #22262, #21072
Both of them is lacking Information. How are you distributing your POAPs ?
Your first event has mostly only farmers in it, have a look here : POAP Gallery

Could you please provide more information on what your community is about ?
If you have any links, socials, or more event info, it would be most appreciated.

We are striving to create the best ecosystem for the preservation of memories.
This info will help us serve the Web 3.0 community more reliably.

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Hi HeuRea,

Sure, we reached out via email. Plugin.IO is a social network that offers the ability to mint social posts as NFTs, we are currently integrating Solana. We intended to send links to users via their Twitter mail. Previous links were provided to whitelisted members on our Discord server.

We also have a Metaverse project in early development. We tried to offer out land parcels via our discord channel @

Facebook: @pluginio
LinkedIn: @pluginio
Twitter: @pluginio

The POAP in question was to be for attendance as we opened up our Discord to public members. I understand your concern with regards to offering a good web3 experience, which I guess would be decentralized, so I suppose that would involve providing the UX that people understand and therefore avoid competition.

Many thanks and best regards.

We actually don’t accept events that are solely used for engagement farming.
Please have a look here

You can of course still use POAP for meaningful events.