No Poaps for Frida Kahlo?

Decentraland artweek started yesterday. One of the most expected project has been The red House of Frida Kahlo. Frida Kahlo is one of the most iconic characters worldwide with a huge worldwide fan base. This is not only a unique project but one of the first ones to bring a traditional artist to the Blockchain.

The red house is next to SOTHEBY’S and in order to get your POAP you need to solve a series of Quests that at least will take you 20 min.

With projects like this people that have never tried anything in the space like me did it because of the interest we have in Fridas Life.

After completing all the rooms I tried to get my POAP and there were no more left.

Talked to the admins and they said there were no more Available as the POAP community did not wanted to give more. Why is that please explain?

A lot of people that I know that are not tech savvy are doing thir first steps into this world because of this effort. Opening a wallet and doing the process. I think you are missing a big opportunity.

Thank you.

Hey @P15y

TY for sharing your concerns.
Curators approved the petition for Frida Kahlo’s event, but unfortunately, the POAPs were farmed. Farmers are people/bots who are only after free NFTs, they aren’t engaged with the project.

The Proof of Attendance Protocol is dedicated to preserving memories and creating richer connections. If the POAPs are minted by people who are only after free NFTs, the value of the protocol is missed.

We appreciate your comments and thoughts, we’re building this ecosystem together and your feedback is really valuable :slight_smile:

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Please tell me how did you know that they were farmed? And a possible solution to fix it. It does not make sense. I am in the FK fan community and many people of the users just started in the metaverse world because this effort.

We need an explanation on how you know that? On what base are you claiming that?

Hey @P15y

We’re glad to hear this, but if you check the power of the addresses that minted the POAPs, most of them have a tremendous number of POAPs. That’s why we concluded the drop had been farmed.

Regarding possible solutions:

I know you’re a Collector, not an Issuer, but the general guidelines are:

Let us know if you have any questions.