No mint links or confirmation email after a few days (#57395)

  1. Drop ID

  2. Community information

  3. Nature of the event
    We are launching issue one of an NFT themed webcomic. We want the first 200 people who read through it to the bottom to be able to get a POAP that proves that they accessed it.

  4. Distribution plan
    website link at the bottom of the comic

  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    I am not sure, but I’d like to know!

:ocean: :wave: :@ddassist

How do readers get the comic & is access public?
If the comic is public with a website link, it can easily be shared & redeemed by individuals who didn’t actually engage with your content. We want to make sure that only your community & engaged readers have a POAP to commemorate a truly remarkable moment.

The plan is to have the webcomic accessible to those on our discord server, allowing the people from that to be the first to access the mint link, and open it up later to the public

I sent a response above ^^^^
just wanted to know if that is acceptable to be able to get links

Hey @ddassist

Sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience.

You might not be aware of this, but POAP has been dealing with farmers. Farming is the act of collecting POAPs from events/activities in which the collector did not actually participate.

In this case, it’s difficult to prove who were the first people who read it for the reasons Frankie mentioned before. The solution you’re proposing is not enough to prove real engagement and participation since the link can be shared with people that are not on your Discord.

Recommendation: Ask people to answer some questions about what they read (with a Google form) and distribute with mint links. You could also limit the access only to the people who are holders of your NFTs.

Let us know if you think that could work.

All the best,
Fio from the Curation Body