New poap drop petition

POAP Drop Petition

Dear team, I received a negative review with my drop before so I changed the event nature and distribution method as below please reconsider

  1. Event ID: #37972

  2. Community information
    Discord: BovineVerse
    Website: []
    Chinese Twitter:
    Telegram: Telegram: Contact @Bovine_Verse_Official

  3. Nature of the event
    To celebrate the great success achieved in previous events in March (IGO, AMA, cooperation, OAT badge issurance, etc.) and express our appriciation towards our Chinese supports (25% of our active users are Chinese speakers), we are going to start a quiz contest to test user’s knowledge and the recent moves of BovineVerse and issue a special POAP that is a proof of being our early suppoters who join BovineVerse in an early stage and participate in our farming event to prepare for our upcoming game- Interstellar Rangeland, which will be released in May.

  4. Distribution Method
    Website, mint links (only users who completed a quiz in Chinese and provided correct answers to questions regarding BovineVerse will be able to claim a POAP)

  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    Cooperated with Project Galaxy, BovineVerse issued several OAT badges in March to our community members. All those badges were empowered with rights so users can stake those NFTs in our farming pool to earn BVG tokens as rewards. We are trying to issue POAP badges to our Chinese supporters and aiming to deversify the proofs of attendance we issued. This POAP is gonna be a new attempt to provide future benefits regarding our first game for our early suppporters.

Hope reply

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Can you send us a copy of the quiz you have created?

@frankie Sure, we have set a google form to collect users’ answers and here are some screeshots

And for your convenience, I translated questions into English for your review as below:

Q1: What is the first campaign launched on BovineVerse Website?
NFT Farm
IGO Mystery Box Campaign
Interstellar Mining Party

Q2: Which description fits Bovine Heroes?
Initial Supply of 514
Eternal life
Unlimited breeding times
All correct

Q3: What tokens can you earn by participating in the NFT Farm campaign?
Q4: How long will BovineVerse NFT Farm last?
3 month
2 month
1 month
half a month
Q5: What is the name of BovineVerse’s mascot?
Q6: What item can you get from the IGO Mystery Box?
Q7: How many times can cattle breed?
Q8: How can you obtain BVG?
Participate in NFT Farm Campaign
Participate in Liquidity Farm
Buy via exchanges
Q9: What game will be launched by BovineVerse in May?
Interstellar Rangeland
Interstellar Box
Interstellar Tracker
Q10: Provide your ETH wallet address

Hope reply!

@frankie @Fio hi I have submitted screenshots of my quiz hope a little bit early reply let me know if I should make any changes

I really wanna know the status on my petition submitted above thanks for an awesome job! @frankie @Fio .


Limit submissions to 1-2 days
After the event, please submit a delivery petition for the amount of people that have successfully passed your quiz. Do not pre-announce the POAP on social media. You can only announce a drop after the POAPs have been distributed.

POAP Delivery: Official VideoTutorial

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

Thank you sir!! I will submit a delivery petition soon!

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