New POAP - 61320

Title - DAO Vote #3 -Setting Protocol Fee
Number - 61320
Quantity requested 250

We are creating a snapshot vote for token holders to vote on our protocol fee level. We are asking the community on what this fee level should be set at and post event we would like to link the vote to a nice POAP.

The will only be able to claim it the POAP via snapshot

Hey @BritishGuy

For snapshots, you should set-up the Snapshots Plugin.
Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Hello Fio I belive it is already set up our side. I just submitted the request form. Hopefully you have all the info required to link it and issue the codes. Many thanks for your help on this.

Hey @BritishGuy

Congrats! Your Snapshot proposal has been linked :slight_smile:

Fio from the POAP Curation Body