New chatbot makes it easy to check the status of your POAP drop

Hey POAP Community!

Starting today, POAP issuers can check the status of their existing drops by using the chatbot in the lower-right corner of all POAP websites. Simply open the chatbot, select “Check the status of my drop,” and enter your drop ID. The chatbot will reply with an automated message letting you know the status of your drop (approved, rejected, pending, awaiting information, or change requested).

Issuers should also use the chat feature if they would like to provide more information about a pending drop. To do so, after checking your drop’s status in the chat, select “I want to talk to someone.” You will be connected to a member of the POAP Customer Support team after inputting your drop ID and the information for review.

If a single drop has multiple distribution method requests (such as for both Mint Links and a POAP Website), the chatbot will currently only provide the status of the most recent request. To check the status of multiple requests, please contact POAP Support by selecting “I want to talk to someone” in the chat.

Articles and resources can still be found in the POAP Help Center at As before, general support inquiries will also be fielded via the chatbot.

We are excited to continue to roll out new features to streamline and simplify the process of preserving your memories. Have a pending drop (or a past one)? Find the chatbot in the lower-right corner and give this new tool a whirl!