Never Received Links - Over 24 hours

  1. #41037 - Tandie’s Crypto Candies on Yummy NFTs
  2. NFT Talkshow featuring guest NFT Creators held in AltSpace VR
  3. They sent us their emails and we are emailing them the links
  4. No Idea why being held or if I just did not receive the email.

I created the same POAP the day before and it was approved quickly, but i forgot the date on the design so I recreated and now its still not approved?

Hey @CityGirl

The POAP Curation Body made a negative review of your petition as we were confused because we thought the petition was duplicated.

Can you please submit a top-up petition?


Thank you for responding. I spent quite a bit of time today, over an hour on a chat with one of your representatives. It was duplicate because the initial one did not have the date on it. She had me redo the entire thing because you couldn’t reuse the same image. Unfortunately now I’ve redone the entire thing and the new one I submitted so I have a new one created and I’m waiting for that one to be approved

Thank you,

Hey @CityGirl
We already made a negative review and that’s why we need you to submit a top-up petition.

OK I will try to do that today. We’ve already begun distributing the other POAP that we created. I spent over an hour on the chat with one of your reps and we revised everything only to have it no longer fit properly so I went with the original POAP that had no date. We had to distribute something. This was the most difficult POAP experience I ever had. Next week will hopefully be better!

Thank you,

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I feel you @CityGirl and I’m really sorry.

I really appreciate your feedback.
We are currently improving our communications flow and the POAP admin panel, it will be easier and faster for all of us :slight_smile:

Hope you had enjoyed your event!

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

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