Negative Review Received (Drop ID: 79535)

  1. Drop ID — 79535
  2. Community informationTwitter, Discord
  3. Nature of the event — To celebrate Halloween and our new feature to create sample packs, we’re hosting a Scary Sounds community-sourced sample pack. For everyone who submits an eligible sound, we’re issuing them an Undead POAP. See the Sample Pack page below for examples.
    Twitter announcement:
    Sample Pack page:
    Arpeggi Discord Scary-Sounds channel:
  4. Distribution plan — Twitter DMs. We’re requiring Twitter handles during the submission process.
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held? — We received a negative review on our request for more codes. We originally requested 30 codes, because that’s roughly how many good submissions we receive during a song contest. Since this is a sound contest, we have many more great submissions and need more codes. It looks like we got on a Chinese news outlet so we had an unexpected flood of new users. That said, they are submitting quality sounds that follow our submission requirements.

As always, any clarity on what we could do better would be much appreciated regardless!

This appeal is from Wilton Gorske. I previously ran marketing at Futureswap (leverage trading DEX), where we used POAPs extensively. I now work at Arpeggi, a music creation and remixing platform, and we’ve seen incredible results with our first activations using POAPs.

Hello @wiltongg

You were previously approved for 30 mint links

Have not responsibly distributed all of those:

please responsibly distribute the existing POAPs before requesting a top up

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Ah, I see. Thank you, @julie! I’ll distribute these POAPs early to the eligible participants and then request more codes.


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