[Needs Acceptance] #29038 - Gas DAO Insights Inaugural Poll

Name: Gas DAO Insights Inaugural Poll
Website insights.gasdao.org
Start date 18th
Event ID #29038
distribution method Complete Survey and receive Secret Word

As I can see, you only requested 1 mint link. Was it a test?


Ideally I’d like to have a secret word since we have an unknown number of people who will be minting. How do I set that?

If you don’t know the amount of people, you should use POAP.delivery:
Delivery is a tool that whitelists Ethereum wallet addresses to be eligible to mint a particular POAP.

You can read more about the different POAP Distribution methods here: POAP Distribution Methods 101 | POAP Help Center

If you need more help, please contact the POAP Customer Support team via the chat bubble at the POAP website.

The POAP Curation Body