Need some help with issuance and distribution ideas

Good morning, community. I really need some help in determining how best to use POAPs moving forward.

I’m the founder of PlannerDAO, and the Certified Digital Asset Advisor designation. We are trying to train financial professionals to understand and use crypto.

We have education partners on 4 continents.

We also have a certification process that includes connecting a wallet and going through some challenges - DeFi transactions. When it comes time to prove the applicant took a course from an approved education partner, we chose to use POAPs for this proof. It is an elegant solution in that we don’t need to get a list from the education partner of those that took the course…the proof is in the wallet.

However, we are having some issues with the curation process. I’ve had 3 negative reviews this year.

Is there an app that has been built, or something we can build, that can make the process easier or better. I would welcome suggestions that would align with our strategy.

Thank you


Hey @adamblumberg!

So, the idea is to give a POAP to those who finish the course? Or to token-gate the access by checking the user’s POAP collection and verifying they have certain POAPs?

Thank you, @Fio

We have a designation - Certified Digital Asset Advisor (CDAA) - which is managed by a DAO called PlannerDAO. We have approved education partners in several companies.

The first part of the process for someone to receive the designation is to take a course from an approved education partner.

The next part of the process is to connect the wallet and go through a series of transactions to prove you know how to use DeFi.

We want to use the POAP as the proof that someone has completed a course from an approved partner. Our system will look for that POAP in the wallet to allow the applicant to move forward. Each partner will be creating their own POAP for their course.

Part of the problem comes when the courses are not delivered live or as a virtual cohort.

We chose POAP because we didn’t want the education partner to have to send us a list of the students. We would like to continue with POAP as the solution, but need to make the process more efficient.

Thanks for sharing the details!

As for:

I don’t see any issues here. My recommendation is to use POAP Delivery (since you have the addresses) and send the users the POAPs monthly. You can create a POAP per month.

And regarding the POAP verification, I assume each partner has already provided the eligible POAPs, right?

Please let me know if I’m missing something.

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I’ve had my drop receive a negative review twice in the last few weeks, so haven’t been able to issue a POAP for certification.

What can I do so I don’t receive negative reviews and can get the POAPs issued?

Adam, please check your email inbox. You will see an email from me.