Need number of requested mint links please - 30871

Event ID: 30871
Description: As a thank you for believing in us from the very beginning and giving us the motivation to make Startupy the leading human-curated search engine for valuable insights, we are sharing an exclusive First Friends POAP to celebrate the launch of Startupy and recognize your support and pivotal role in the process.
Date: 03-07 to 03-08
Codes requested: 400
Distribution method: Links

Hey there! I requested 400 mint links but only received 50 in my email. Please let me know how I should get the additional 350 links to have enough to distribute to those who are invited and will attend our First Friends. The event will celebrate our First Friends and will require 400 mint links for everyone who is attending.



just checking in on this - thank you!

@Fio hey! Sorry for the tag - I know you’re super busy but wanted to see what I should do to get the 400 mint links in time for next week. Thanks so much for your help :slight_smile:

@isabel hey - any updates to this? I saw you made some changes but not sure what they were. Thanks for your help

Hey @Ekorm

Sorry for the delay. For some reason, this thread got lost in the queue.
Not trying to excuse us --just providing context–, but curation is a manual process that includes a profound analysis and research of each drop petition. Petitions are reviewed within 24 hours, although sometimes the process is longer because of the friction generated due to the lack of information provided by issuers— the less information is included in the petition, the smaller the chance to “clear the queue” easily.

As we can see, your drop #30871 has 0 claims for the moment. Do you still need the other 350 codes? How do you plan to distribute them?