My unpleasant experience with POAPs lately

What some time ago was an excellent platform to give the community access to small gifts for having carried out an activity with the community has become a disastrous service. POAPs do not arrive, requests are rejected, the curator service never responds or very late. And the last thing that happened to me was already too much.

On July 25 we were going to carry out the first AMA of a great project I am working on. Excited, we created the POAP for that special event, a drawing made for the event POAP, with animation, is incredible. But it turns out that after setting up the POAP 3 days before we never received the links, after asking in the forum they asked me for more information, I answered everything clearly. They never responded to me, the event passed and we couldn’t keep our promise to deliver the POAPs.

Why? I’ll never know why they didn’t give it to me, but I have no choice but to blame the poor service they provide lately. Are you worried about people farming POAPs? It is impossible to eradicate that, we even closed our Discord for the AMA to prevent “farmers”, but what good did it do us?

I will not use this service anymore, I will not waste time and resources on a service that thinks first about whether or not they want to give you POAPs and does not care about leaving you in a bad light before your community.

They used to be excellent, I don’t know what happened. I’m still waiting for a response of why i didn’t get the links for my AMA. But here you can see the POAP, 0 claim, awesome design. POAP Gallery

I am sorry to hear about your painful experience.

Luckily, in collaboration with Guild, we have found a new way to distribute POAP’s within Discords that can fit within the requirements of the Curation Body.

Please head over to and start getting your Discord setup!

Once setup, you can mint your POAP’s through there, including adding a mint fee to help prevent spam attacks. It provides an added benefit of having a monetization funnel to better support your community development!

Let me know if I can help further.