My Request For Delivery has not been approved (its been 3 days)

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  2. @nftevening (Twitter) (web site)
  3. Nature of the event
    We are conducting a poll to better understand our NFT readership and the POAP is the reward for filling out our survey.
  4. Distribution plan
    By delivery - our audience is fairly technical and is going to provide their ethereum wallets as part of the survey.
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    I do not know. This is not the first POAP I have created (I created an IRL POAP for Nike back in February for a Chinese New Year event, but issued the POAPs with a magical dispenser), so I am aware of all the necessary steps needed. I have only requested 10 links yet for testing so far (I am aware of the need to be environmentally conscious and not wasteful and have only requested links for the purpose of testing) and have followed all of the steps outlined in your FAQ. Please could you let me know asap why my request for delivery has not been approved yet as I am sending out the survey tonight and sending out manual link emails is going to be a really, really long process.
    Many thanks!

EDIT** I just spoke to Julie in the chat and she informed me that I have mistakenly put β€œ1” instead of β€œ0” when I made my request. She also informed me that because I created two events (One with the β€œTest” in the title), that this may have caused another red flag. I will not be proceeding any further with the TEST event and will delete it. Please let me know how best to proceed. Thank you.

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Hey @joseph

TY for the info!
You should collect all the addresses and then create the delivery petition.

Thanks Fio! I will do that.