More Code Request for #53910

Hi Dear POAP team! :wave:

We are running out of poap soon,in the beginning, we applied for 100 but only got 50 codes.But there are three more events coming up.
We have a total of 5 launching parties and will pick 5 people to mint poap at each event, and those who buy two or more dresses will also get poap.
With the success of the first two launching parties, :smiling_face: more and more people are attending the events and buying dresses, and there are many partners involved, so the number of poap is hard to meet. :worried:And we just finished two events, the third one will be held this Friday.
More poap is needed for the next events.

We would be very grateful if we could get another 200 codes! :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

  1. Drop ID

  2. Community information

Our Decentraland Event:

Info:Creative for fun! Dress and earn! Join us into DigiFun DAO!



Discord: DigiFun DAO

Info:Designer of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic games|Focus on digital fashion and fashion in metaverse| Chief designer of DigiFun

  1. Nature of the event

The Original Source dress collection is based on the five elements theory of ancient Chinese philosophy.
The ancients categorized everything in the universe into five elements, namely the five substances of earth, gold, water, wood and fire, and the human body is likewise composed of a small universe.
The collection has five sets of dresses corresponding to earth, gold, water, wood and fire, this five elements, each set is an elegant dress with a sense of ceremony and shape, specially designed for major occasions in the metaverse.
In this event, in addition to the release of the five elements dress series, we will also invite three guests to share their experiences in web3.

  1. Distribution plan
    Will pick 5 people to mint poap at each event, and those who buy two or more dresses will also get poap.

Here are the partners of our third launching party:
Info:Wearable NFT Artist | Digital Fashion Creator
|Soulful Tea |Complex Coffee

Info:Artist-technologist, oil paint + AI. Curator
Co-founder @vueltta:immersive art installations in the Decentraland metaverse.

The following are from our first two events:

Hello! @DigiFun

You will have to use the edit code and request more codes as a top up to the exiting codes.

Hi Julie :wave:

Okay, I just successfully submitted application. :smiling_face:

Hey @DigiFun

Okay! You still haven’t distributed all of the other mint links yet. The Curators will not approve this util the other mint links are all distributed.

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