Monster Blocks Anniversary POAP still pending

  1. 60135
  2. Monster Blocks -
    OS verified collection with >2000 holders

  1. Nature of the event
    Celebrating the project’s first on-chain anniversary

  2. Distribution plan
    Was a last minute decision to add to announcement, collected addresses the day of in our discord and plan to manually deliver ~60 to our small but loyal fan base when links are available

  3. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    May have been perceived as farming or related because it was posted on on our social to enter via our discord to receive, but this was my misunderstanding of the guidelines and only meant to be an attempt to limit the grift by filtering duplicate/suspicious accounts etc.

This token means a lot to our community, please let me know if we’ll be unable to use POAP for this as we’ll have to find an alternative solution asap.


Hello @MonsterBlocks

Did you collect ETH Wallet addresses for this event?

Hey Julie, yes we did so in our discord


Hello @MonsterBlocks

Would you please submit a delivery request petition

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Done thanks, but I’ve just found out missed one persons address when I transposed them is there a way to add one to the whitelist?

hello @MonsterBlocks

You delivery request was approved.
No. You will have to request 5 -10 mint links that can be emailed to people to cover those who may have been missed in the list.

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