"Missing page" POAP Delivery website still not up after 2 weeks

  1. Drop ID
  2. Community information
    Telegram & Twitter: @TroopFinance
  3. Nature of the event
    We want to send a POAP to the participating addresses at Troop GR15’s grant
  4. Distribution plan
    Whitelisted addresses will be able to mint through a Website: https://poap.delivery/troop-gr15.
    However, the website still hasn’t been approved and if I use a different method there’s a risk of farming, something we are not willing to risk.
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    The drop itself was approved, and received 100 links, but what I was asking was to get the delivery website approved and working: https://poap.delivery/troop-gr15.

Here is a clarification I made in a previous thread that hasn’t been answered:

We’d like to give the drop to the whitelisted addresses. Unfortunately, using links is not viable because we don’t have private contact with those users (only their addresses, and a public forum to communicate). Thus, we’d like to use POAP Delivery website to do this, approving only the whitelisted addresses. Unfortunately, it is currently not working: https://poap.delivery/troop-gr15

Furthermore, it is very hard for us to choose the biggest contributors because the 99% of the donors were the same: 1$. So it would be great if we could get enough for the whitelisted addresses (see the number in the exact number in the request: POAP - The bookmarks of your life

Looking forward to a solution for this.

Hello @LassGallard
The Curators approved
100 mint links - none of which have been distributed yet

The delivery was reviewed negatively.

Hi @julie,

I’ve been aware of the approval, thank you.

My question is about the delivery method. Could you expand on the negative review, please? It seems to me that it’s the only way to distribute it without risking them to be farmed. However, I’m happy to hear alternatives to this delivery method to make it the safest for both POAP and my project.

It has been quite some time since I had to deliver this, so I appreciate you reading my request throughly so we can find a proper solution for this.

Thank you in advance.

Hello @LassGallard

The Curation team approved you for 100 mint links to give to the highest donors for the GR15 round.
You can distribute these mint links to the highest donors to reward their support of your community.

Hi @julie

Yes, I understood that. However, the only way to distribute those links would be via a public website (And as I said, I don’t have access to their private inboxes), so that would risk farming the POAPs and the community not getting them.

Is there any chance we could add someone from the Website delivery to the thread to help us solve this issue, please? It seems we’re running around in circles around the same answers. I’d really appreciate it!

Thanks in advance.


Hello @LassGallard

Please know that this case was extensively reviewed by the team.
The team determined to uphold the decision to only grant the mint links for the top donators.

We used this page to examine the donations:

The delivery distribution method will not be approved for this event/use case.

Hi @julie,

I understand, thanks for the clarification.

Could you please suggest a different method to avoid farming, since sending the links privately to people is off the charts?

Thanks in advance!


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