Misa.art POP-UP

I’d like to issue the POAP for our Gallery Weekend this week.

  1. Drop ID


  1. Community information
    We’re an international gallery known in the art world. We just moved into the NFT space with our curated online market.

Check out our sites if you like:

  1. Nature of the event
    We´re commemorating misa.art POP-UP which is a temporary art space taking place in Berlin, Germany during Gallery Weekend taking. The program consists of a diverse selection of emerging and established artists of both national and international repute. Traditional art as well as digital art will be on view offline and online.

4.Distribution plan
We’ll distribute via POAP Secrets. You do not have to send us mint links!

5.Why do you believe this petition is being held?
Just wanted to make clear, we need no mint links. POAP Secrets was not an option in the POAP Admin Panel.

Thanks in advance!
Best regards,

:wave: :ocean: @Burner2240
Congrats!! Your petition has been reviewed with positive results :star2: :dizzy:

Let us know how Gallery Weekend goes! :framed_picture: :bouquet:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

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