Minting My 1st MUSIC NFT ( / Event ID #22080

On 1.15.22, I will be minting my 1st music NFT through (a fully on chain music creation platform). I’m requesting 25 POAPs to give out to those who participate in the Youtube livestream : )

Event ID: #22080 - BRYSON PRICE’s 1st Music NFT
Date: Jan 15, 2022
Number of POAPs requested: 25
Distribution method: manually verified


Hey Bryson…I hope thats not your secret code…for updating your poap! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Code: xxxxxx

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oooops haha I’m taking it out now; thank you : )

no worries…I have short term memory loss :slightly_smiling_face:

:joy::joy: haha good to know

Hey @brysonprice, welcome :slight_smile:
I see that the curation team positively reviewed your drop.
Please use the format described here for your title next time, just to improve readability.

sure thing, thank you :smiley:

Is there any way I could ‘burn’ the extra POAPs that were not claimed?

I’d love to check out the artist and stream you mentioned just a side note :slight_smile:

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Hey Lindsey, I didn’t get to actually ‘mint’ the NFT on stream (due to high gas fees), but it was more of a celebration of my 1st music NFT mint. I showed the project file and also showed some other new songs I’m working on : )

Here’s the stream:
Full Song:

If they aren’t minted, the mint links should expire on the date set :slight_smile: