Mint Links Not available - But Received email saying they are?

  1. 46968
  2. Cash Labs
  3. BFF live DJ Set with Paris Hilton Avatar
  4. To be distributed at the event which is in 1 hour and a half!!
  5. I received the email saying the mint links are available but the POAP website says only 1 is available. Please help?

Thank you so much!! Please approve.

Hey @Jamiesquires

Your petition received a positive review for 3500 mint links.
However, your drop was pretty seriously compromised :confused:

Check out all the addresses with tremendous numbers of POAPs:

How did you distribute the POAPs?

They were distributed in DCL via a POAP Dispenser. However, it seems like it was not set up correctly hence it being compromised. I have requested additional links so we can provide this to people in the discord directly. Please can the additional link request be approved? Thanks

Hey @Jamiesquires
Sorry for the delay, we missed your post.

Curators made a negative review of the top-up petition.

Next time please set up the latest DCL dispenser. You can also ask the DCL team for some tips regarding distribution: Hand out POAP Tokens | Decentraland