Metaverse Distributions

Hey everyone!
I’m planning a little art show in the Metaverse (Decentraland) about a month or two from now.
Was thinking of offering a POAP for participants (alongside some exclusive wearables).

Curious for everyone’s experience on the most seamless method of distribution at such an event.
QR code hanging in the space? Wallet registration list? Should we make a maze to get it?

Don’t know if anyone’s had experience in this world, but I’d love to hear how prior efforts went.


For anyone reading this with the same questions… I think I’ve landed on using a simple external link within our DCL space to get folks to the POAP redemption site. Way easier than I had imagined. Was definitely overthinking things. :sweat_smile:

I am interested in this too. I have never done it before but have used the POAP dispenser in DCL. GitHub - decentraland-scenes/POAP-Booth: A simple scene with an interactive booth that gives out POAP tokens to certify the player's attendance to an event

I see you found a external link within your space. How do you distribute that link to participants?

Good evening folks. We (MetaZoo Intl./POAPcc- third-party POAP provider) can help with Decentraland POAP Booth integrations. Please reach out to and provide some info about the scope of your project including timeline of your event(s) and preferably provide us a discord contact to follow up. Thank you


I’d like to confirm that @zoo is the most frequently endorsed solution for Metaverse distributions, particularly for DCL. The larger the event and the more POAPs you’re minting, the more emphatically we recommend usage of the MetaZoo dispenser for its top performance in security.


Hey @zoo , I’ve tried several channels to reach out to you, hopefully this one works. I have a few questions, are you able to help us scale a POAP distribution methodology? Our DCL scene uses POAP tokens to record vote counts and we will be running weekly art shows. We don’t want the curators to think we are spamming/token farming, so we need a solution that will allow us to get tokens without relying so much on the curatorial board.