MegaCube 2 DCL Event

Hi POAP curators team!

I get in touch with everyone here because next week we’re going to release the biggest event in Decenrtaland. A game experience running through 7-14 days with a lot of different sponsors along the Metavarse and Decentraland as collaborator.

Last year we had a total of +2400 unique attendees in this same event, but this year we upgrade the experience, doing it twice bigger and also expect a massive attendance. MegaCube is a gigantic cube composed by 100 layers, 50 of them will be special for our sponsors and for this reason we want to create one different POAP for each sponsor layer only claimable when their layer becomes active. This means a total of 50 different POAPs.

We need your approval to:

  • create 50 different POAP events.
  • request 1010 links codes for each event.

More information:

Community information:

Distribution plan:
Website reward system created for this event.

Thank you so much for everything.

Alex Archer,
Polygonal Mind.


@frankie please, can you check this message? :pray:

Hey @AlexArcher

Sorry for the delay.

What do you mean by “Website reward system created for this event”?

Hey @Fio

Everything is explained in the website. But basically we’re creating a reward website where players can claim their prizes and also the POAP after play each layer of the MegaCube.

The website provide information about which player played for real and let them claim these POAPs.


I’m going to create every POAP event today. I’ll answer again with the POAP codes.

Hey @Fio @frankie.

Reaching you to approval these events as soon as possible. We need it in a few hours! :pray:

#42648, #42650, #42652, #42653, #42654, #42655, #42656, #42657, #42658, #42659, #42660, #42661, #42663, #42664, #42667, #42669, #42671, #42672, #42674, #42678, #42679, #42681, #42913, #42680, #42915, #42916, #42677, #42676, #42918, #42919, #42920, #42921, #42922, #42924, #42925, #42926, #42673, #42929, #42670, #42668, #42666, #42930, #42925

Thank you so much.

Alex Archer,
Polygonal Mind.

Hey @AlexArcher

The POAP Curation Body made a negative review of your petitions for several reasons:

1- The distribution plan is not clear
Good distribution aims to present POAPs to collectors with care, and makes a best-faith effort to ensure that one POAP is available to each legitimate collector. Drops that lack a responsible distribution plan are negatively reviewed.

For DCL events, the Decentraland Foundation has set up a free dispenser that you can use to manage the sending of POAP.

2- Copy is the same for each petition.
Both the copy (title, body text) and creative (artwork) should reflect the significance of the occasion being commemorated. Quality art and well-written copy are frequently the make or break factor for curators in determining whether a drop meets the standards for being part of the POAP ecosystem.

For future drops: please check the POAP Quality Guidelines and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

Hey @Fio

Starting wit the second point, it’s impossible to create different POAP events with the same name. We created one POAP for each sponsor que have involved in our event. Megacube is the biggest event in Decentraland, and with their collaboration we’re running together this massive Play To Earn event.

In any case, we edited every POAP event in their description adding the sponsor name of each one of our sponsors. As you can see, there’s a lot of big companies involved in this event.

Answering your first point. We’re actually using the POAP machine dispenser to distribute these POAPs. In this event we implemented an extra security barrier to have under control bots. Only the truly players can claim POAPs in this event. They need to play Megacube for a few minutes in order to get the POAP.

We appealed for this event 10 days ago. We tried to reach Patricio and the POAP team during these days and honestly we were appreciate a call to explain everything about Megacube and how POAP were be involved.

I hope we can solve together this problem in order to make MegaCube possible ASAP. I hope you understand :pray:

Alex Archer. Polygonal Mind

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