May my drope be aprooved today?

  1. Drop ID 79852

  2. Community information : Tomas Mika Music Fam (here you can a lot of info Tomás Mika 's Flowpage)

  3. Nature of the event: It is an exclusive streaming concert, for $MIKA holders by telegram. We create our own token, and comunity who supports our music, hols the token. We have a private telegram chanel and i give them some benefits of holding “MIKA”. This concert is one of them.

  4. Distribution plan. Secret Word during the streaming.

  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    It isnt being held. Actually i started the curation proces too late. I apologie for that. But ill be very very gratefull if the poap may be aprooved in the next 8 hours!!

The art was made by EKEKO, a well known artist that has made several drops for Proof of Humanity and others. Here you can see him giveing RT to my tweet


Hello @tomasmika

you were approved for 60 mint links