Lost/Deleted Pre-appeal Post

Hi there!

On Aug 30 2022, I made a post about a pre-appeal for our project. The link was this:


but it appears that the post is now deleted.

Is someone able to pull it up again?

That post is quite important because we have now a fairly large drop and I have explained there our strategy to ensure no farmers and there was some feedback from the POAP team as well. I would like to refresh that discussion before posting the request for our drop.

Many thanks!

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Hey Stefano!

We usually archive old posts, but I’ve just made yours visible again.

We’ve recently updated the way issuers communicate with Curation, you can now reach out via the Chat bubble located in the lower-right corner of all POAP websites.

Have a great day!

Hi Fio,

Many thanks! I can see the post in my activity now, but the link seems to be broken still. Is it just a matter of time?


Hi @Fio ,

A quick follow up. The post seems still inaccessible even though it appears as a search result in the search box.

Could you please check what’s wrong?

Many thanks!