Live Event Drop - Community Recommendations?

Hi Poap’ers,

Thanks for looking… I am arranging a drop for our next event for Kepler Dao.
This will be for the participants of our Copper Launch public sale which will be
ongoing for 3 days. My first drop was vanilla using mint links in our Discord Server
which went ok, but I would like to do better!

Are there any recommendations you can share so we may provide our participants with
a unique collectible for the event? We prefer to distribute in real time.

I would appreciate any advice!
Thanks in advance :hugs:

Discord Members: 6k +
Event: 72 hours
Participants: est. 2.5k - 3.0k

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I’d also like to know! Trying to do research for my first POAP drop :grin: Real time is always the best way to go if possible

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hey Alakai… There are lots of different drop types you could do for such an event. A nice one that comes to mind is to create a POAP delivery for everyone that bought over a certain amount of threshold on the public sale. Something like what xdefi has done:

Check out the help center for more ideas and useful information: POAP Help Center


That was my first idea for the drop…however, I believe the address list for the drop must be provided upon the creation of the drop, and it is locked at that point. Im not sure if the method will work for us as its a public launch sale ongoing for 3 consecutive days.

We can only procure such a list at the end of the event…than an additional day to verify the list, than create the drop. This wouldnt be ideal as people would not be as enthusiastic in claiming the poaps at that point.

The ideal solution would have to be able to claim in real time…as the event is happening. :neutral_face:
I appreciate your advice! Thanks


Will this drop be coordinated via Discord? If so, we have a tool, DEGEN, that records attendance of Discord events and provides event coordinators with a CSV of attendees. If you have an event that runs over several days, you can set DEGEN to record attendance for each session, collect and combine the CSV files into one, and then use the /poap distribute feature to drop POAPs to every attendee.

If this sounds like it will work for you, reach out to me and I’ll get you connected with our Project’s Ambassador to get you set up. You can find me on Discord at nonsensetwice#3475. If you ping me in the POAP server, I’ll reply via DM.


Hi…thank you for the reply. :call_me_hand:
I sent you a message on your server!

Lets go! :money_mouth_face:


POAP Web is the best way to claim POAPs in Discord, at least in my opinion :wink:


Could you use the QR dispenser? I’m planning to use a tablet as the dispenser and people can scan the codes with their phones. So far I have been testing it with my phone and a tablet. But then those are both android. I wonder if you could use a discord video feed to dispense them over a stream.

The QR dispenser keeps track of the URLS as they get minted and it has a counter showing them as they mint, but there is a bit of lag between when you scan and the minting happens/code refreshes.