Links Requested for POAP Drop

  1. Drop ID 34788
  2. Nature of the event
    First meeting of our cyber cafe weekly event at IndieDAO
  3. Distribution plan
  4. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    I have requested assistance on this 3 times, and every time I am told that it has been approved yet I do not receive links and the thread is closed off. Please can you assist me with why I have not received links for this? Could you please not close this thread until I have received links?

Back story, I forgot to adjust the expiration date on the first round of doing this. I was told to recreate the event and make the artwork slightly different, we made the number on this artwork slightly bigger. I hope this is okay. I really appreciate your assistance on this, and appreciate you not closing this thread out until I have links delivered. Thank you!

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Hey @Tae

Sorry for closing the thread, though you’ve already received the codes.
Can you please check all your inboxes? Spam, Promotions…

The codes almost never get sent to my spam. I just checked and they aren’t there :confused:

Oh I apologize! I do see them with the drop email. Which is odd, they usually don’t send inside the drop email, so I missed it.

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Ok, thanks for letting us know!

Enjoy your event!