Link POAPS to snapshots

Hi we have 5 new snapshot votes up for people to vote on and so I am doing one post for them all.

They all have the snapshot link in the individual event listed below and have all had the new form filled in for linking as well.

Drop ID:30505
Snapshot address:

  1. Drop ID: 30506
    Snapshot address: Snapshot

  2. Drop ID: 30507
    Snapshot address: Snapshot

  3. Drop ID: 30508
    Snapshot address: Snapshot

  4. Drop ID: 30509
    Snapshot address: Snapshot

Additionally please can you check on the progress of the two following linking requests as they don’t appear to have been linked yet and both have had the snapshot proposal form submitted for them:
Drop ID: 29015
Discourse link: Link event id 29015 with snapshot pls - #2 by jaitch


Drop ID: 29938
Discourse Link: Event id 29938 Opendao SOSIP 11