LI.FI POAP Drop Request


I have been waiting since saturday for a drop request approval for event 52120.

This is my second time on discourse this week trying to get this solved.

Venue: LI.FI stage
Expected Audience: 1500 (we had 1200 last time)

Event Link: Discord

LI.FI links:

Please can we solve this ASAP.



:wave: :ocean:@jordanli

An email should have been sent to you! You need to resubmit your petition with updated artwork.

How are you distributing + how are you tracking meaningful engagement?

Thank you, I will recreate and message you here to see and approve?

We had a great turn out of 1700 people.

We will distribute using Bankless Degen bot and then create our own bot for this in future.



Hey @jordanli

Curators made a positive review 200 mint links for this drop, this is the max amount POAP approves for community calls.
My suggestion is that you reward the most engaged members of your community.

Let us know if you have any questions!

All the best,