Join the March for Peace in the Metaverse on March 3rd

A special message from a Community Member

Three days ago, after we announced our community event, we received a special message.

There is war in here(Ukraine)
I will join you later

We were so sorry to hear that, not only because she/he is one of the active members of our community, but also she/he is now struggling to live. Two days later, she/he contacted us via Twitter because her/his discord account was banned.

What can we do for them?

We can’t help thinking about what we can do for them, for the ones who are suffering the departure from their families, who are hiding in dugouts to avoid getting bombed, who are fighting for even clean water to drink.

That’s how the title comes out. Yes, we are planning a march for peace in the metaverse, where there is no race, no national borders, only people expressing and communicating freely on their own behalf. If you also believe in peace, please join us!

The march will last for 1 hour and we will march starting from (-114,-63), and ending at (-140,-39). You can register the event at the starting point to receive a memorial NFT after the event. Besides, everyone can claim a poap at the endpoint after you take part in the whole march and arrive at the endpoint before 3:00PM UTC on March 3rd.


2:00 PM — 2:10 PM Arrive at the starting point and register.

2:10 PM — 2:20 PM March alongside the route map.

2:20 PM — 2:30 PM Arrive at the final point and claim the commemorative poap.

Route Map

Starting point: Decentraland

Endpoint: Decentraland

Although our spirits live in a free and decentralized world, our bodies still need fresh air, warm sunshine, and sustainable peace. Let’s fight together to build a better world!