I've been waiting for some events links for more than 24hs

  1. Drop IDs: #35498, #35499, #35500 and #35501

  2. Community information
    Events are part of a Week of events from a innovation hub in the south of Brazil called Caldeira Institute. Website: www.institutocaldeira.org. We’re celebrating one year of operations and POAPs are a huge part of our week. Instagram: Login • Instagram

  3. Nature of the event

It’s a festival in celebration of our one year of operations. We organized more than 40 events during a 5 days “festival”. This is huge for us, there’s local media covering our event, international speakers and more than 500 people who are attending.

  1. Distribution plan
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  2. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    I don’t know at all! I have created almost every event for our week, but there are a few that are stuck. Really need your help as they’re happening today!

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Sorry for the delay. As I can see, your new petitions have all received a positive review.
Congrats :dizzy:

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