Issuers inspiration: 9dcc campaign at NFT NYC

POAPs are often issued to commemorate event attendance. However, they can also be used in creative ways to build community and engage users. In this post, we’ll explore a success story that involved the 9dcc brand, IYK technology, Tokenproof technology, and the Salsa app.

9dcc and IYK technology

9dcc is a luxury lifestyle brand that uses IYK technology to link physical items to NFTs on the blockchain. The 9dcc founder, Gmoney, created the company with the goal of redefining the fashion industry.

IYK is a consumer tech company that uses NFC technology to bridge the digital and physical worlds. Particularly, the platform utilizes tokenized physical items and real-life experiences. This allows brands, companies, and creators to connect with their audiences in a way that both honors the digital age and continues to breathe life into IRL connections.

The NFT NYC treasure hunt

9dcc hosted an immersive treasure hunt during NFT NYC to promote the launch of its latest collection, ITERATION-03. Attendees secured tickets for the event using Tokenproof and received a 9dcc luxury baseball cap.

This unique “networked product” feature of the 9dcc luxury baseball cap ups its social element. By tapping the cap with their phone, users can interact with the 9dcc ecosystem, which includes gamification and personalized POAPs.

The treasure hunt took participants on a thrilling journey, allowing them to discover hidden gems and iconic cultural landmarks of NYC. As they progressed, hunters had the opportunity to earn prizes, including exclusive POAPs and enamel pins, which added an extra layer of excitement to the experience.

Salsa joins the party

The Salsa app enables people to message each other based on the POAPs in their wallets. The Salsa team partnered with 9dcc to join the treasure hunt and offer an exclusive group chat on their app for all hunters. This added another layer of engagement for participants, who could connect with other treasure hunters in real-time.

Beyond the treasure hunt

The 9dcc Treasure Hunt is a great example of how POAPs can be used outside of traditional tech events and conferences. Other potential uses for POAPs include music festivals, sporting events, and charity fundraisers. POAPs can also be used in conjunction with apps like Salsa to enhance user engagement and community-building.

Overall, the 9dcc treasure hunt demonstrates the power of gamification and real-life events to bring luxury into the world of Web3. The success of the event highlights the potential of POAPs to build community and engage users in creative ways.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on other ways that POAPs could be used in the future.

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  • Do you have any ideas for other ways that POAPs could be used in the future?

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