Issue snapshot poaps, google form does not work

Proposal ID: 0xa07b90c9b15c41254dbe1851b31a1e273d47c5486376df527cda5a147f44deda

Proposal ID: 0x17385c14ef4c51a93ec0515169c5236af9d08becc30fd53178fa77d0240dd6ec

Proposal ID: 0xb9897cd948913a289f92b224c9ed33cdc28a86684ef44b42ffa7110b72c4ee32

Proposal ID: 0xc094a67e2c78e7f1b462410940ea35bede02b44305ba76df0bec816a7d90b549

Proposal ID: 0xbd7ded43fa220a404a00994b2ffd4983964cda37837c46e9081a9cae594c3aac

Proposal ID: 0x491ccdfc2adc4b91dfafaf4cdb1bb3f697fa4ab7b7206bdf98faad00eefb01ca

Snapshot: Snapshot
Event ID: 0x402c0d109644c520df1d786f11585ef2f642528ce482bd5b1916f88a1b32fd04


Please submit each request through the following Google Form → POAP Snapshot Proposal 🔗 Request

Unfortunately, there is no way to do multi-requests in a single form submission.

There’s an issue with the google form it says enter the email used to create poap which I did and still giving out error

Hey @Womeninnft.eth

Are you trying to input the same email you used when creating your drop?

Yes it’s the same email add

This is an extremely rare error. Given it’s Gmail, the only thing I can think of is that maybe you included whitespace somewhere, at the beginning or end.

Can you please check it?


I’ve managed to get it through, it doesn’t like caps on the start of email. Thats what the form defaults to. Will you be able to issue these poaps then? Its been far outstanding. Thanks

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The Curation Body will review your snapshots asap :slight_smile:

It seems they have been already linked, congrats :raised_hands: