Issuance of 28745, 28740, 28739, 28738

Hello, kindly help issue the above request and one of them needs to be linked into a snapshot details below

Snapshot - Snapshot

Proposal ID: 0xda4ad708147f08e518d507785ac0a90a990ad033c06e2a258a6c39dd4fde019c

Thank you

Hey @Womeninnft.eth,
Your drop petitions were reviewed with positive results :purple_heart:

We are in the process of linking your snapshot, will let you know once it’s linked.

The POAP Curation Body

Hey, I’ve tested the links sent for 28739 and it’s giving an error? It says ‘we couldn’t find the code pls try again. Can u pls check asap?

Hey @Womeninnft.eth

I guess the issue with #28739 was solved as it has already been minted by 26 collectors. You can check it at POAP.Gallery: POAP Gallery

Your snapshot has been linked :slight_smile:

The POAP Curation Body