Is it possible to simplify the “prove human” challenge?

Hi All,
I am very new to poap drops and I really see huge potential of POAPs for education. For example, POAP solves two challenges for educators right away: (1) attendance, (2) rewarding attendance for students in classes, plus helps to introduce the concept of NFTs so sweetly!
Based on my first experience of creating a POAP for an event, is it possible to simplify the “prove you’re human” challenge please? At the moment, I realised it’s a game. As it happens, the audience I work with will not likely to use it if the game becomes challenging, is something simpler possible?

What challenges are you experiencing with the game? I have in the past used the shortest challenge so it was quick and while I was talking to the minter, the game would move fast. Happy to help more if you need