Is it possible to drop a POAP based on other POAPs?

I would like to drop a POAP if the collector has some specific POAPs by querying the collector’s POAPs.
So is step 3 here possible on

  1. Class A consists of 8 sessions and I aim to give ‘a final POAP’ for the completion to the students who participated in at least five sessions.
  2. Each session, I will issue a POAP under the name of ‘Class A’ (let’s say ‘a1’, ‘a2’, ‘a3’, …, ‘a8’).
    3. After the completion of 8 sessions, if a student’s wallet has at least 5 POAPs from the ‘Class A’, I give 'a final POAP for the completion of the ‘Class A’ based on querying the POAPs from each session.
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You could extract all the wallet addresses that have your POAPs and whitelist the ones that have 5 of your POAPs.