Is it possible to do a Raffle without having people sign

Hi, :yellow_heart: all the great poap tools. ty
We (Metawood Studios DAO) want to run several raffles for Stoner Cats who have already received a particular POAP.
Some users are unable to connect and sign to enter the raffles.

Is it possible to run a raffle using the wallet addresses that hold the POAP without any user interaction?
We want to run a raffle people can observe but without needing them to do anything so some people aren’t left out. Thanks, Al

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Hi @AlPlanet welcome to the poap discourse. I’m curious about this too. :tada::black_cat:

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I want to add more context:
We want to run a raffle where people that got a POAP for voting in any vote can win.
We don’t want to have these people engage again in order to enter because people are and will get left out.
At the moment we humans will have to be trusted to run that Raffle fairly ourselves using the addresses.
It would be great to run a poap raffle without needing the signing for this case.
In our DAO and SC community POAPs are desired so it would be great to integrate them where we can.
If we can we’ll continue to make them a badge of participation that acts like a cv.

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Hey! :wave: We’re thrilled you want to use POAP raffle!

Unfortunately, participating on a raffle without connecting the wallet is not possible for the moment :frowning:

You can check more info about POAP.Fun here: POAP Fun 🎉 or contact the Customer Support team for further help (you can chat with them via the chat bubble at the POAP website)

The POAP Curation Body