IRL Drop using secret word to onboard new users to web3 via POAP Drop ID: 83582

  1. Drop ID: 83582

  2. Community information
    Event coordinator’s twitter:
    Event sponsor/hosts:
    ADIT Playa Tamarindo

  3. Nature of the event
    Tamarindo Costa Rica is having their annual fiesta. We want to commemorate each night, and onboard locals to web3.

Community members who attend the fiesta will have a chance to get their POAP to commemorate their attendance of the fiesta. Attendees pay a door fee of 2000 colones, roughly $3.25 USD for entry into the fiestas.

2000+ people will attend and most are new to web3! We are hoping to onboard new people to web3 and POAP during this event.

  1. Distribution plan
    Secret word on a 6ft x 4.5ft banner placed within the facility plus members will be instructing and helping with downloading the app and claiming, which is why we are using an extended window for secret word minting.

Here is the banner that we plan to use.

  1. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    Mint window is greater than 30 minutes for secret word. We know this is outside of the norm but the secret word will be written on a banner which will allow people coming to the fiestas a chance to be on-boarded into web3 and receive their first NFT/POAP.

I appreciate your review and help getting us an exception for the extended window for secret word minting. We do not expect to have any issues with POAP farming as most of these individuals will be new to web3 and POAPs in general.

This is a four day event and we created a POAP for each night. We plan to submit the second night POAP after getting this one approved requesting additional or less POAPs depending on the first night’s performance.

Let me know if you need any additional information.


Hello @0x4d4n

When did this event occur?

Hi @julie the first event starts tonight. Day 1 of the fiestas. There is a total of 4 days however this event is for the first. Once we work out how to best accomplish this I will submit the 3 additional days.

Hello @0x4d4n

The Curators have reviewed this petition:

  1. This should be one drop for the 4 day event.
  2. You will be approved for 100 secret if you change the secret word each night of the event

Hi @julie thanks for the reply. We had created individual POAPs for each night so we could track the attendees over the entire event. E.g. Attendee goes to first night and last night we would like to know if they claimed the POAP for both. If we do a single POAP it will not allow us to do that. Is there any way we can do this with 4 individual POAPs to correlate to the 4 nights this event is happening?

Hello @0x4d4n

The Curation Body has determined that you will be able to use the different POAP for each day.

Thank you @julie , I will submit the remaining events, should I post the event IDs in this thread so you can approve them?

Hello @0x4d4n

Yes create the other events for review
if you want to post them here that is fine

Hello @0x4d4n

You will be approved for 100 per day to start.
If you need more you will have to request a top up

@julie thanks for all of your help. I am adding the other days in now requesting the same time window and 100 poap.

Day two event id: 83953
Day three event id: 83957
Day four event id: 83958

Thanks again for all your help everyone. Have a great day!

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Congrats, looks like your petition received a positive review. You’re all ready to go! :rocket:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body