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GM all! My name is Eric and I head marketing at a startup called Revolving Games. Excited to connect with the POAP community and discuss creative ways to utilize them in relation to a marketing roadmap!

Hey everyone!

I’m Wilton. Director of Marketing here at Futureswap. Taking over the POAP issuance for our Community Calls from @leisurelord and @catalystshift here. As the former noticed, we’ve been using POAPs for our Community Calls, product launches, brand ambassadors, and most recently as prizes for a trading competition. Stoked to continue innovating with this great platform!

All the best,

Hello everyone!

I’m Daniele, a POAP explorer.

I’m the ICT and Digital Event Manager of Lucca Comics & Games, one of the world’s most famous INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF COMICS, CINEMA ANIMATION, ILLUSTRATION, GAME AND TV SERIES.

We organize a complex event (more than 500K visitors in 4 days, 56th edition this year, 28 October - 1 November) and my goal is ferry towards the future our community, integrating live and physical event with new digital and virtual technology.

In the same time support the digital community with our experience.

We have already done a first POAP internal test with “Terre Furiose” (a very small event), and we are ready to go live!

Exciting to be here and see and contribute to POAP growth!

Great job, guys!


A little confused about where to post this so pardon me if it’s in the wrong place… I’m Ashira and I’ve been in the NFT space as an artist, an nft collector, and NFT creator since Jan of 2021. I made my first POAP (and only one I made so far) for an online art exhibit I had in July of 2021, and made another one for a Robotos NFT town hall after I helped them launch in July of 2021.

I also helped Toy Boogers NFT collection launch in Nov of 2021 and continue to work on the Toy Boogers team. We are going to NY for NFTNYC for the first time and were hoping to distribute a POAP to the Toy Boogers community members that we meet at various events while we’re there.

Thank you and hope you all have an excellent weekend!!

hi! i’m chillzone. excited to be here!

some of my previous POAP drops:

#2659 - Yam Community Call POAP 1

#4084 - Museum of Fine Yams Presents "Other Realms"

#6823 Museum of Fine Yams Presents "Romantic Futurism"

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gm POAP family ! my name is Sne
Excited to be here and connect with the community.

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Hi All,

I am Shift. Now is the admin of The Space Web3 Museum.


The Space:

The is the first POAP that we create the consensus 2022 logo on The Space.

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Hello! Glad to be here with you :wave:
I’m Jina from Screena, a web3 community of content lovers and creators.

Screena connects content to web3 with Watch2Earn solution by verifying users’ content watching activities, creating W2E participation profiles with a whitelist, and delivering their POAPs through a link on

We are also a creator of the 1st Sandbox movie, Ok-nim Begins, and the official partner of The Sandbox, Screena’s vision is to complete a watch2earn ecosystem with web3 content creation and distribution network.

Really excited to be here and start building :hugs:

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