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Hello! I am Melissa I am the Community Lead at Unstoppable Domains! We here at UD LOVE POAPS! We give them to our community members for attending workshops, think-tanks, for attending AMAs and twitter spaces, for winning contests and games. They have been a wonderful engagement tool. We have a POAP raffle every Friday and give away an NFT for one of our current NFT partners. Our community loves collecting them from events we create. PAOPs have helped to grow our community in wonderful ways! Thank you so much to the POAP crew for being so amazing! We appreciate you!

Here is an example of our POAPs POAP


U-N-S-T-O-P-P-A-B-L-E indeed. Goodghosting is thrilled to be working with yall.


Oh!!! Hey Login with Unstoppable Fam! So glad to see you here! Collab POAP? LOL.


Yes PLEASE! Let’s plan on one for the conclusion of our savings pool! We can have community sourced fun for the design process, sound good?


YESSSSS!!! Email me! Trying to convince @isabel to join the UD fam and integrate to resolve UD Domains. (fingers crossed) Great to see you here, let’s do cool things together!


Hello, everyone.

My name is Humpty Calderon, creator of Crypto Sapiens, a podcast that features web3 builders. It is hosted weekly in the Bankless DAO, and is distributed to all your favorite podcast players. I have been using POAPs for several months now to reward attendees of my live podcast recordings. These are a few of the POAPs I have shared before:

I look forward to chatting with you all here.



Hello from AMUZN!

Happy to join you all here.

Below is our recent POAP issuance following our sponsorship of the 1st POAPathon event, from which we selected this winning design by one of the many talented artist participants:

#21191 - AMUZN App Launch Waitlist Gold - 2022

The positive collaboration with the POAPathon team (special commendation to Tap.ETH), and the great reception from our growing community including POAP artist, has been a very special experience for us.

We look forward to continued engagement supporting POAP projects as active members of the community well into the future.

A bit about us…
At AMUZN we’re all about facilitating and innovating how the world discovers, connects and hires creative talent. AMUZN is an interactive marketplace platform to discover and purchase customisable creative services on demand, developed for-by-and-with creatives for all!

Discord User: AMUZN#2672

Big thanks to Isabel + the POAP Team here for the great work with this platform and in managing the community. It’s a pleasure to get to know others here!



I am Huey, Project Manager for WarpSound (WVRPS) and we are first NFT project fusing generative art and AI-generated music as collectibles which provide access to create new generative music and art in the future.

In coordination with our community lead and designers, I am responsible for all things POAPs including set up and delivery. Like many communities here, we love POAPs and give our audience to collect these special pieces at our events including: Twitch Streams, TW Spaces, AMAs, Contest and Games.

Here are some we made in the past:

Big shoutout to the POAP Team for the constant support and awesome work managing the community. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!!!


Welcome to the forum speedwayblues !


Heya, glad to be here, minting poap for Pokemon GO based games/events …

  1. Fundraiser for gaming health: POAP

  2. Los Castillos, gym leader style game: POAP

Thanks, glad to be here @zioncmnd . eth

  • Hi, I’m a POAP enthusiast and designer.POAP, as a proof of attendance, brings back a lot of memories, which is why I love POAP.So I hope to make efforts for the development of POAP. :wink:

GM everyone,

Nice to meet you all! I’m Frankie. Recent addition to POAP’s Curation Team.
Happy to join the discourse!

It’s because of individuals like yourselves that POAP has grown so much. :rocket:
Thank you all for being active, engaged community members.

All the best, :slight_smile:


I love the tie in with Pokémon Go :clap:t3::tada: Great idea and use case!


Hello POAP community and team, kata here — digital ephemerist, color enthusiast, information designer, and visual communications guide for a nonprofit tech consultancy.

Some favorite previous drops include these for the POAPathon,
Pixel Party & Poapathon Finale


Looking forward to being a part of this community for my own projects and agency POAP facilitation. Appreciate you all being here too!


Welcome kata :tada:
The POAPathon Poaps are so fun. :art::paintbrush:


Hey all! :wave:

Great to be here in one of the most vibrant communities behind the screen :smiley:

Just joined the POAP curation team and I’m excited to help foster the ever-growing and ongoing celebration that is POAP :partying_face:

Looking forward to checking out everyone’s cool drops and helping our global community preserve those oh-so-special memories!


Hello hello!

Nice to meet everyone here! I am excited to have a new process for accessing our POAPs for our communities. I have been building strategic marketing strategies for projects using POAPs since I found out about them back in July and I cant wait to continue to utilize them in every project I curate.

Here are 2 events of the many that I have created:
Ethereals Moon Mission
Ethereals Ghostbusters Afterlife

Thank you for all the hard work you are putting in!

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Thank you so much @NFTA for your wonderful POAPathon contributions and artistic support, and being a part of that finale!


Hello! My name is Chiltepin. I am with the Doge Generals NFT Project. We use POAPs for our History Spaces discussions with history podcasters we host on Twitter. So far, I have minted five POAPs since Oct. 2021, but we are planning to host our History Spaces weekly moving forwards. I learned about POAPs through the Big Head (Stoner Cats), and the Doge NFT projects. I am a big fan of POAPs and all of the work the POAP team is doing for the community!

The POAPs I linked to are examples of two we gave out to our community members who participated in our spaces events. I haven’t done design work in years and enjoy getting back into it with these POAPs.


Here to learn more about the whole POAP ecosystem.
Glad to be able to already pick up some different POAPS like the Adidas, One37pm or Heni POAPS - happy to collect more moving forward!