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Hi i’m Charliie. I am new to the POAP zone coming from a music events space . Really excited to get going on my first POAP release slated for a show next week.

I’ve already setup a drop and a website POAP yesterday but…
i accidentally asked for links when actually i needed codes which i asked for when setting up the website.
37586# is the event.

POAP website which is still under review.

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hey guys, hopping over from AirSwap DAO.

Typically put up Snapshot POAPs for voters to collect (e.g. #10606, #13509)

recently have filled up the google form to link the recent POAP (#36729) to our snapshot. Not sure if I did anything wrong but it hasn’t been linked up yet.

Do let me know if I missed something!

Hi everyone!

I’m Rita, a poap enthusiast!

I’m reaching out to follow up on my Drop request since I did’t receive any emails form POAP team or replies in this forum and have no idea how to fix my problems!

Drop: #39792

Hope reply!

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Hello , i am bunkee , community manager for Ethereum Nigeria , i am still confused about how this works… My drops haven’t been approved and it has been a week.

  1. Drop ID :
  2. Community information
  3. Nature of the event
    Filecoin conference Lagos Nigeria 2022
  4. Distribution plan
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    I can’t really tell I created alot of them , had to change the logos so minted alot. Somewhere for prices won at the event. And some for attendance.

Hello All

name is Timo but you can call me SwarthyHatter

Im the founder of Athena Protocol and we use POAP to track community participation in our events and credential community members. Its also a lot of fun making art with you folks.

Here is our most recent drop links Im hoping to get help with. They have a lottt of links but that is because we are being optimistic about the number of students who will want to claim them.

Thanks so much for welcoming us!



:raising_hand_man:Ayo, POAPers

I’m KuanYing, a Taiwanese, you can just call me Guanny.

I’m a POAP collecter starting from 2021/12.
Most of my collections are related to, the SandboxGame and some
occasional AMA event.

Recently, I buy an NFT named: 8immortals.

Then start to make some POAPs for the community. so… gradually becomes a POAP creator? :rofl:

Here are my creations:
#29330 Sandbox_Power_Rangers
#30909 8immortals_GoldenFam_Certification
#31779 8immortals_OG_Bhadanta (holders_POAP)
#34243 8immortals_OG_Vote001
…Keep growing

Nice to meet you!


Hello all <3 I am working with Granting Wishes Cinemas for the Genesis Film3 Festival celebrating 12 amazing early adopter filmmakers who are minting their films on chain. We are a venue in Cryptovoxels where the community can gather and watch movies together in a classic theater setting. Our Genesis Film3 Festival is currently ongoing and involves these POAP tokens:

37832 - Official Jurors
37835 - Official Selections
39034 - Official Submission
39039 - Official Host (1/1)
39028 - Official Crew
38981 - Official Attendee
39042 - “I Voted”

Our smart contract Tickets allow the Audience to vote in Snapshot on a CrowdChoice Winner, and are used to token gate the cinema, functioning as an actual ticket in game. However, we wanted to recognize the artists and staff who executed the festival, as well as provide them with access to the cinema without the ability to vote. POAP worked as a great solution for token gating those Official participants.

We also wanted to award our audience for voting and provide them with a memento of the occasion, as well as something for those who attended AMAs with the artists during the festival but did not purchase a ticket for the cinema.

So far, it has been a great festival <3

@IxaBrjnko (twitter)



gm POAP team and community!

Zach here (fka ziginger, aka gingerledger).

A little over a year ago, I collected my first POAP from a live quiz show (shout out to the amazing Rocket Pool community!). A little less than a month later, I was a winner of a POAP raffle, and the utility value really set in.

Behavioral incentives utilizing NFTs of events/activities, and the various utilities one can leverage from, have powerful virtuous circle capabilities for communities and organizations. I’m excited to see how others are applying these tools to support their missions.

POAP collabs/creation -
#3423 is when my dog (Dabo) joined the party. Of course he got first dibs.
#3576 started the creation journey. Experiments are fun.
#various - the above experiment eventually led to the OpenRECON POAP series (10 and counting), which will leverage discord gating, raffles, POAP voting, and eventually Zoom gating and more.
#37148 is the latest in the journey and where I learned how not to create animated POAPs. (for non-artists, Canva is great, but probably not the best tool to create high-quality, animated content under 200kb, haha)

Excited to join the #community to learn and collaborate.


Hello POAP team at Decentraland!
I work for a digital agency who is building an experience in Decentraland and we have submitted a POAP station for our educational, gamified experience as a take-away for their participation!
Looking forward to working with the POAP and will certainly be asking questions.
Thank you for your support!


Hello Isabel, i am Keyroll an i am working for AEX Exchange as a Media operator and i am trying to apply for the approval of POAP through this forum, i have gone through the process of application of POAP and i will try to submit my drop request in days :slight_smile:
Wish you happy everyday! and best wishes to all the people here!


hello, finally here!! Which is the procedure to contact curator for my first POAP?
Thank you


Hi all! I am doing my first POAP drop. Nervous because I didn’t get an email after 24 hrs yet excited because I’m able to learn from my mistakes. Hoping I can get a reply back so that we can reward our community members. #41931 - Infinite Abundance Masterclass 4-30-2022- 2022 Is the project HELP PLZ??

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Hello everybody. My name is Jesus del Valle, I work at Bayer in Digital Disruption and I am based in Berlin, Germany. I find POAP a very relevant and interesting concept for my work. I am testing it to use it at an upcoming event of a community we run, STEM 4 Health, STEM 4 Health | Meetup Pro - Meetup. We want to introduce our community to web3 concepts. If all runs well, we plan to use it for other meetings. If you are based in Berlin and want to meet face to face and talk about science, tech, web3, please don’t hesitate to contact me. My LinkedIn is

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Hey there, I’m Andrzej Mazur - a web game developer running Enclave Games studio, tech speaker and writer, js13kGames competition organizer, fostering the Gamedev.js community and sending out Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter.

I’d like to create a POAP drop for the recent online Gamedev.js Jam 2022 that will be announcing winners in two days from now.

Hey everyone! My name is Mark Chepelyuk. I’ve been a part of the POAP ecosystem since 2021 and some of the most memorable POAPs that I have collected include:

Curio Cards Christie’s Auction
Rug Radio x Keith Grossman
VeeFriends x Christie’s 10/01

I’m am the founder at VolleyDAO and I am really looking forward to becoming a POAP issuer to onboard the volleyball community to web3. We love the idea of POAPs as bookmarks for memories and we are currently working on a POAP for the start of the AVP season where we will be having our first VolleyDAO meetup and kicking off the beginning of the AVP Pro Tour in the AVP Austin Open!


Hello everyone, I’m a web3 and NFT enthusiast and I’ve just come across poap


NFT enthusiasts,love game

Hello, great to be here. I’m a BanklessDAO contributor, just looking for a little POAP support.

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i am sunbeam
now i am a freshman from china
:grinning: i am very glad meet you !

Hey, I am a creator. Looking forward to create POAPs for my audience and community.

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