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Hey everyone!
Thanks for the amazing platform for producing POAPS.
I’m wc and I oversee the community over at Credmark - was also an early user of POAP.

We issued over a dozen POAPs so far that were used to validate community participation during important events or calls.

The last few POAPs that were issued were these:


Hey everyone I’m Steve. Currently onboarding to become part of the curation team at POAP. Looking forward to serving this great community !


Hello everyone,

I’m a NFT creator and operateing a NFT marketing business.
I’d love to promote POAP for different scenario for further marketing application.

Look forward to grow fast with the POAP family :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m Nadia from deBridge. We are a cross-chain interoperability and liquidity transfer protocol. We use POAPs to grow and support our community and reward contributors and contest participants. The POAPs have been more and more popular among our members:)
I’m happy that POAP is moving on and introduced Discourse.


I’ve already made a thread about this already but haven’t posted in here yet:

Well hello there!

I’ve created several posts in here but haven’t really taken the time yet to properly introduce myself! :sweat_smile:

Hi! I’m Plushy, Community Manager & Content Creator for Raptor City Rascals. Recently I’ve discovered the magic of POAPs and have taken up the task to provide our lovely community of animated POAPs once in a while. So far they’ve been loving every single one of them and that makes me super happy.

The weather here in Belgium is awful and I love my two cats and my girlfriend - not necessarily in that order :wink:

Nice to meet all of you!


Hello everyone,

I’m Tiago, BizDev for Bancor. Currently creating a POAP Collection for our Snapshot voters. I was part of the BancorDAO for 1 year before joining the team full-time, and it has been great working with the team!

I discovered POAPs through Snapshot’s POAP Plugin, when I saw other DAOs proposals on Snapshot allowing POAPs to be claimed for voting.

We’ve issued a POAP for the Bancor 3 announcement at DCentral Miami:

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Love your project art, Plushy! Hope to be able to collect one of your POAPs in the future!
:raccoon: :heart:

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Hi all!

We’re Trash Panda Tribe. A hand-drawn and programmatically assembled NFT project championing art and sustainability. Part of our roadmap is to airdrop NFT art and raffle IRL art to our holders, free of charge. We also have a volunteerism and charitable giving component to our project, in an attempt to make the space more environmentally conscious.

Hope to be using POAP frequently in the future — both issuing AND collecting.

Nice to meet you all!

:heart: TPT

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Welcome @TrashPandaTribe !
Love your charitable project, looking forward to your POAP petitions !


Thank you! We’re looking forward to offering some cool POAPs to the 'Tribe! :raccoon: :metal:

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Hello Everyone!!
Dean from the!

Glad to see POAP evolving and it’s community with it.
Awesome to take part!

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Hi everyone, I’m eleven from China,I am a designer and I also like photography,Previously worked as an e-commerce designer, currently unemployed。
I got into the cryptosphere because of poap, and it was poap that introduced me to the blockchain.
I started in July last year and have designed a few poaps myself and have been promoting them, currently there are 500 people in the community
This is the poap I designed

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Hi everyone! :smiley:

Maybe some of you know me already from Poapathon, DCL or another community :upside_down_face:
I’ve been participating in various POAP design contests and I’m regularly creating events for Marblecards and

A previous event:


Hi, I’m Irene, admin of SPC-NFT.

Here is revious POAP drops.

I wish I can get access to the #community for future drops.


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Hi everyone,

This is Ethereum Community Network (aka ECN) based in China. The general purpose of ECN is to facilitate the perception and adoption of Ethereum blockchain, the next-generation social infrastructure. Apart from translating and distributing valuable articles related to Ethereum and web3, community building is also a significant part of our work. With a wider acceptance and adoption of the web3 culture and tools among the Chinese audience in 2021, POAPs obviously have been playing an interesting role in community building, and we would love to incorporate POAPs in our activity design in 2022. The Chinese New Year Intervew & AMA with Vitalik will be our starter, and we are planning more in the future.

Our twitter link:

Our website:

Nice to meet all of you!

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Dear POAP Team,

I am Roy, a member of the Metaverse Travel Labs(Canada), currently teaching the basic knowledge of NFT in the lab. I would like to introduce to you our team, Metaverse Travel Labs.

The original intention of our laboratory is to lead those who have only heard of the word METAVERSE, and help them to understand the metaverse objectively. Thus our target users are not in the blockchain industry, not players of metaverse games, but the wider general public.

In order to realize our original intention, we have and will organize various activities as follows:

1.Metaverse travel events. Similar to a tour in real life, a tour guide will lead people to visit famous places in the metaverse in the form of live stream via Zoom, explaining the history of the metaverse and answering questions from the participants as well. At present, we have held more than 15 events in the decentraland, and everyone is satisfied.

2.Basic courses related to NFT: Fun with NFT. Because our target users are ordinary people, when we traveled in the metaverse, we found that many people lack of the basic concepts of metaverse, NFT and Ethereum wallet, so we focused on this pain point. The course “Fun with NFT” was developed to help everyone to learn and use basic tools such as Metamask, and to understand the basic concepts of things such as Metaverse and NFT.

3.Metaverse Challenge Events. After participating our metaverse travel and “Fun with NFT” courses for several times, some of users are already familiar with the basic operations of exploring the metaverse. Therefore, in order to allow these users to have a better experience, we organized two treasure hunt challenges in Decentraland, especially the one on Jan 2, 2022. It was quite successful, and participants really enjoyed it.

4.Release Meaningful POAP. Zodiac Elites is a design brand of Metaverse Travel Lab. In 2022, we will launch the NFT art product “Zodiac Elites”. It aims to promote the application and dissemination of NFT in the non-crypto user market.

The above are my introduction to the original intention of our team and the description of what we are currently doing. I hope to let you know our desire to use POAP to empower the laboratory and we do want to have a long-term cooperation with your team.

Thank you again for taking time to read this reply and look forward to your reply and approve!



Hi, my name is Sunny. I’m a team member of the Binance Smart Chain team, where I drive marketing campaigns and community events.

Binance Smart Chain is an EVM-compatible chain which is known for being cheap, fast, and easy to access.

We want to use POAP as a tool to engage more of our community members and provide new ways to engage our users

Hope to get access to the #community channel.

Thanks a lot!


Hello all,

BritishGuy here from Tech Circus (AKA Nicky) I head up speaker acquisition and curate the content around our 6 main verticals of business that being. NFTS, Metaverse, Web 3, Defi, Blockchain Gaming & Dcommerce. These are 2 days virtual events that explore the Technologies and the application to industry. I have hosted a couple of POAP drops with these so far that of EVENT #2941170 #3273480 and a couple others. Our best mint to date has about 1200 individual POAP claims. We hope to improve this over time onboarding new people to this ecosystem.

Always open to new projects that want to get some stage time so feel free to shoot me a message. INSIDER tip when checking out a ticket at our events try using the DISCOUNT CODE " POAP " free access haha. Hit me up on linkedin if you want to chat.


Hi! My name is Kylee but people in Web3 know me as MrsBit. I have been in the NFT space since 2017 and am hoping that I’m posting this in the right place. I’m looking for some guidance on how to reward my community for holding and delisting their NFT’s by giving them POAPs showing that they held each month. I plan on doing one POAP drop per month to my community members and am wondering the best way to go about it. Looking forward to working with you all on getting myself set in this POAP space :slight_smile:


GM friends - Javi here. We’re launching DAO Social Club this Thursday and plan to give out POAPs to those who participate. Super excited to be part of this community. Keep up the excellent work Isabel!

Also, we just created our first POAP (ID: 24378) curious to know how long it usually takes for approval? Thank you!