Introduce yourself here!

Hi everyone,

My name is David and I am the artist behind the car-inspired comic/cartoon character, Max the Miata (I’m on OpenSea, IG, and Twitter). I just celebrated Max’s 5th Anniversary, for which I created my 32nd POAP in 3 months!

POAPs have been an amazing way for me to engage with my community and I’m so appreciative of the team behind POAPs—especially HeuRea.

Thank you!


Hey, I’m Owen. I’ve created various POAP drops over the last 4-5 months, and am often around in the Early Issuers and Integration chats on Discord. :ok_hand: Excited to be here.

I’m also a developer in the PHP and JavaScript open source communities, and have developed a framework-agnostic PHP wrapper for the POAP API.

I regularly help with the Pest PHP testing framework, and therefore create/distribute POAPs for the Pest PHP Meetup events and Pest in Practice video series.



I manage the YUP community meeting events POAPs, the meetings are held on Gather. Town
We started Issuing POAPs for community meeting attendees a few months back ( here’s the full list of events )

We considered using the POAP system directly for our DAPP for user profiles to get when they do achieve something on the DAPP, but that would require a lot of POAPS since we have many users, we scrapped the idea and will probably implement our own contracts for such things. But will keep the POAP for meetings.

We had various methods of distribution, the latest one is a Gather bot that will DM mint links to each gather participant, which is the most secure one, that helped us to incentivize more ppl to meetings some meetings have had over 60 ppl, we can’t do KYC for every participant of the meeting since most of my fellow devs are too privacy-friendly, and some desperate ppl will maybe connect more than one account to a gather online meeting even if it’s expensive in terms of internet bandwidth which relay is a sign of success for your POAP system, since some ppl with go to such lengths to get a POAP.

So we generally request now 50 mint links, we have a high CTR of 60 to 100%.
A gather admin has contacted me and informed me that they opened the API more now I can reimplement the bot to be much more performant.

Yeah so the meeting is held every Thursday( unless is canceled by the team) so I’ll probably request a drop in a few days as usual.



Nice to meet everyone. I’m a DAOer of BanklessDao and POAP enthusiast! :tada:
Looking forward to learning more about the poap ecosystem and building the community together!

My most recent POAP event was for AMA of BanklessCN


Hey, im yoav, or CryptOAV from the company joyride, me and my collegue @VivekNallavelli aka hazard ( made a request for poap for our first memebers of our brand new NFT community in order to thanks them for their trust in us.


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GM All,
I’m Alex, Head of Metaverse Experiences at Nftie. We are a London based agency helping clients with their nft projects and releases.
I am a massive fan of POAPs and the concept really resinates with me as I’ve been in the events industry for over 20 years so have a large number of physical badges from the different events.
If relevent I’m pitching in the POAPs as part of the stratigies.
Really looking forward to interaction with you all and being part of this awesome community!



This is Vivek and I am the Head of Product Management for Joyride Games. We are a web3 games publishing platform and are gearing up to launch the first NFT based P2E 3D tennis game soon. Along the way, we will be conducting some events and raffles and also giving special status and memberships to our community members and early adopters, we want to compliment them using four different POAPs so that the memories of participating in these early events last for a lifetime. :slight_smile:

Excited to be part of this community and hope to create more such lasting experiences to our fam!



Hello, my name is Jordan, I’m currently building a crypto community web app where members can earn points and badges based on their activities. I came across POAP and go through docs and get really excited because I find many use cases of POAP for my new project.

My idea is to create regular POAP drops when archiving community milestones or there is some event and members with certain levels and badges only can claim the drop. I can distribute via POAP Delivery and MInt Link as I will have users wallet addresses and private messaging in the web app.
To give additional value there will be a monthly giveaway raffle for POAP collectors via and regular governance votes via and can be used to access hidden premium content on the web app and discord.

I would love to be part of this community as a creator and integrate my project with POAP! Please let me know can I qualify and am open to any suggestions and recommendations. Thanks.
The project I’m working on is and is still under development.


I like to make POAPs to celebrate events in the Rocket Pool community. Here’s some of my POAPs.
Rocket Pool Launch Day for Node Operators POAP Gallery
Raffle Participants who used POAPs Raffles for Rocket Pool POAP Gallery
Celebrating a Rocket Pool Staff member for becoming full time POAP Gallery


Goodevening dearest people,
My name is Tijani Tairu, i feel privilege to be here as one of the community member, i’m looking foward to learn great thing from this exceptional group.
best regards

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Hi there everyone!

Dumbinvestor from Retro Pandas!

We have regular community events and are super excited to create POAPs for our members.

Cool, thanks for the info! Would love to hear more about the Gather.Town bot.

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The current one is Open-source here: GitHub - andrei0x309/gather-t-p-bot I’ll write another one more optimized that will not use a browser, using the new API from Gather the game engine wasn’t open, but now it is so probably I’ll write a new one this week should be very simple to write under 400-500 lines :slight_smile:


Hi All!
I was introduced to POAP by members of the VeeFriends community during Spring 2021.
I learned how to create my first POAP while following the site instructions and thought wow - they make this super seamless and this had to be shared with everyone!
From there I has created a step by step document for new POAP curators in the community so that everyone else could feel that same sense of pride and accomplishment in learning something new and having alot of fun doing it!

I continue to create POAPS for various milestone occasions such as: commemorating work place firsts, recognition of special guest appearances during a biweekly Clubhouse show and Twitter Spaces and as a thank you for a job well done for Charitable giving team.

Below are some examples of POAPS I have created:
(Would only let me link 2 events)

• VeeGinaz featuring Fame Lady Squad NFT: POAP

• VeeGinaz Holiday POAPATHON: POAP

I am grateful for this community and want to thank the POAP team for their tireless efforts in keeping so many balls in the air while still keeping creators needs top of mind.
Sara Jones


Hi everyone, my name is Cale and I’m the community manager at GoodGhosting, live on Polygon and Celo.

We have an ambition to incorporate POAPs for our 2022 season of community events and have been working with the POAPathon community to produce our first request. Looking forward to learning how to go through this process and become more efficient in the future.

We have a good design from the POAPathon community selected, just need guidance on how to get to mint. Thank you very much!

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Hello Frens!

Brandon Shamy from ONE37pm. I work on our branded partnerships and all thing POAP. Love this new platform and opportunity to connect with everyone.

Here is some things we worked on:
ONE37pm’s 25 Days of POAP
Becoming Beeple - a ONE37pm Documentary

Stay curious.


Hello, my name is Rob from I am looking for approval for 2 poaps I have made for the community

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Hello! I am Melissa I am the Community Lead at Unstoppable Domains! We here at UD LOVE POAPS! We give them to our community members for attending workshops, think-tanks, for attending AMAs and twitter spaces, for winning contests and games. They have been a wonderful engagement tool. We have a POAP raffle every Friday and give away an NFT for one of our current NFT partners. Our community loves collecting them from events we create. PAOPs have helped to grow our community in wonderful ways! Thank you so much to the POAP crew for being so amazing! We appreciate you!

Here is an example of our POAPs POAP


U-N-S-T-O-P-P-A-B-L-E indeed. Goodghosting is thrilled to be working with yall.


Oh!!! Hey Login with Unstoppable Fam! So glad to see you here! Collab POAP? LOL.