Introduce yourself here!

Hello everyone, I’m a novice blockchain player, I have just recently come into contact with the metaverse and am interested in artificial intelligence and blockchain games.

And I created these:

[POAP - The bookmarks of your life](SYN CITY 120K+ in Discord POAP)
[POAP - The bookmarks of your life](Happy Holidays SYN)


Hi Everyone,
I am glad to be a part of this community of POAPers!
This is one of the pleasures of being in crypto.

My name is Alakai, and I’m a analyst with Kepler Dao Finance,
the world’s first treasury backed investment protocol. :telescope: , :telescope:

Kepler Dao Finance Johannes Kepler Commemorative Poap

*This was our very 1st poap which was a commemorative one for our dao inspiration!


Hi, everyone.

I’m Liu Benben as a founder of an ENS community.
Glad to be here!
We had issued 3 different POAPs to our members.
POAP is really a good stuff for our web3 life.


Hi guys!

I am Florian (aka Fairy Mercury ;)) and founder of the NFT project “The Rocking Uniquehorns”.

We connecting artists and fans in the Metaverse and push the Metaverse concert experience to the next level…and of course POAP is a major topic for our concerts!

Looking forward to chat with you, love you guys for your POAP work,
cheers - Florian


Like POAP very much!


Hi there,

My name is Chris (Chris Mafia#0420 on discord) and I own and operate a retail arbitration group on discord. My group has been one of the original groups to start back in 2016, and we continue to thrive and explore NFTs now.

We have a very small NFT community (<100 people) but we are slowly growing and adding more as we tech them what all NFTs can be used for or who is dropping projects.

VEVE has been my main entry point to onboard people- but the other main method has been POAPs! The members love collecting them and they love competing in the group for contests and raffles to have a chance to get them!

I’ve made the first POAP for our 5th year anniversary, the next was for Christmas/Holidays, the next for New Years, and the final one was a small one just for the people close to me helping me build this.

My collections I’ve made are listed below:

  1. POAP Gallery
  2. POAP Gallery
  3. https:// poap. gallery/ event/20409
  4. https:// poap. gallery/ event/21377

Hi my name is Adam, but go by Titch in discord and else where. I am new to this POAP space as a creator. Really excited to get going on my first POAP release too.
I am hosting a twitter spaces later today and set up my POAP yesterday, but had no idea there was going to be a process of review. I am such a noob but appreciate the help!!

#22015 is the event.


Hey there! I’m Brian (AstroBee⟠#0001) on discord and I co-founded an NFT community project called CryptoGradz focused on empowering university students and younger generations in learning about blockchain tech, crypto, and NFTs. We’re focused on providing low barriers to entry into the NFT space through free/low mints, so that people can learn and experience the tech, and learn what it means to help govern a DAO. Our community members love POAPs! More info about our community can be found below and always love sharing more information about us!


Looking forward to learning more about everyone else!


Hi I’m new here and have absolutely no idea what this is or what to do next!

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Hello everyone, I am MrBitty and I manage the POAP distribution for the BittyBuddha Youtube Channel. We have 6 events up to date and I linked two that stood out. The first POAP event I created was event 16422 and I learned very quickly from that drop that secret word distribution can lead to POAPs getting farmed. The other event I have linked is when we introduced our first animated POAP in event 21764.

Can’t wait to keep improving my collectors’ experience.


Hello everyone! I am FallenIdols, one of the founders of Tuff Guys: the Home for Mental Health in the Metaverse. We launched our first two POAPs this past week to celebrate the launch of our Twitch channel and our first charity partnership.

I am extremely excited to be a part of this community and to leverage this technology for the benefit of Tuff Guys and mental health.


GM to everyone here! Stoked to see where this could take us and building up a community with verified trust levels.

My name is Pascal from POAP Schweiz. We are here to bring this amazing expirience with POAPs to more people here in Switzerland. Our whole team of 4 got into collecting POAPs in 2021 through Decentraland and we got realy excited to share and talk about the POAPs we collected during the events.

My most memorable POAP is «The Eagle Has Landed»
Beautiful artwork and the event in DCL is so beautifully made I got goosebumps, showing me the future of whats possible with DCL. And the start of my love to POAPs <3


Good evening everyone!

My name is David, I live in NYC and am a Latino mixed media film photographer! I am a passionate & disruptive community builder who is routinely throwing and hosting events. I love giving out, creating, and collecting POAPs!

I am excited to be an active member of this Discourse and definitely plan on applying to be a curator / historian!

I hope to be approved and would love to start using the delivery method.

Thank you for your time!


Hello! My name is Astrid and I curate events for clients and companies and celebrities. I started out as a volunteer with and have been in this space for just over a year! I have made poaps for events such as the 100X Art week in Decentraland, the Poap the NFT.NYC for the Metaverse Searchlight tours and most recently for Blockchain Gospel during Miami Art Basel. Just making one now for Valde Beauty, a phygital drop coming out in a couple of weeks!
Feel free to reach out for any help with event planning, Metaverse needs!



Welcome everyone. Please add links to your social media profiles when available. See you around.


Hi there, thanks for the reminder- just added mine to the post above!
Happy New Year!

I have a question about generating ONE QR code for an event , can I do that myself or do you have to generate this?

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Hello all! Austin here. Thank you to the POAP team for everything that you do!
I am the creator of One Blue Land comics and we have been serving “POAP corns” during our comics movie nights & gallery in Decentraland since May 2021 (Event Number 1569). We are a pioneer of NFT comics with a focus on publishing stories about financial freedom to inspire, educate, and motivate others. Happy New Year all!

Instagram: Login • Instagram


Hey guys, this is Anuj, cofounder of, we are building a web3 social portal, where you can discover people and activities from top communities. We envision a world, where users are the rightful owners of their data and appropriately rewarded. is going to launch tomorrow!! 11/1, super excited for the launch. :confetti_ball:

We had our Community Call #1 yesterday, where over 1k+ people showed up, which is crazy considering we aren’t even live yet. :scream: POAPs become an interesting for us to build a track of our initial supporters and community members. We’ve announced to issue POAPs for the early community members who did join the call yesterday, awaiting to getting the links :crossed_fingers:

Nice meeting you all and great joining the forum here!

Heres’ our twitter link!

Hey everyone!

Ozier, Community Manager of TracerDAO here. Thanks for having me here and its a pleasure to work together in the long term.



Hey Hey All !!

Adi here from Reality Cards. Members who have seen us know how big of a fan we are of POAPs.

Our last two well-executed POAPs were partnerships with Good ghosting & the POAPathon itself -
& were made easy with the POAP delivery.

Currently, we are in the process of distributing POAPs for the XMAS POAPathon event, again in partnership with POAPathon.

Loving the new initiative here from POAP and can’t wait to see the new exciting things in 2022.