Introduce yourself here!

Introduce yourselves here to get access to the #community category, where more privileged discussions between curators and issuers take place. Linking to one or two of your previous drops - and what made them special - will expedite this process.


Hello, attempting to understand how and when we can get access to codes for our community and their connection to important events with POAPS.


Hey @XDroidsTeam , welcome!

  1. Request your POAPs via, as usual.
  2. Please introduce yourself in About the Community category, and link to one or two previous POAP drops you’ve done.
  3. We’ll grant a role that will allow you to post in the #community category.
  4. Please use a format like [ID] [Name of the drop] [Drop date] in the #community category, and tag it #drop-requests .
    eg. [21000] My special event [January 8th, 2022] #drop-requests
  5. Curators will reply with approval, or a request for further information.



Thanks for taking the time to respond. This is helpful. I think the CEO of our project, @Dr.Malachi did already in a previous post. Do I need to let him know to change anything? I know him, he will be totally willing to do what is needed to make this process smooth. Thx.


@DrMalachi is our CEO and we are just trying to figure this out.

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gm everyone, I’m Tjark, currently Community Builder & Content Creator for PoolTogether. I discovered POAPs through the Banano community and Oops. Wrote a few blogposts on POAP since then. Here’s one

We recently dropped a POAP for our PoolTogether <> Avalanche Launch POAP ✈️ | PoolTogether <> Avalanche Launch

Exciting to be here and see POAP grow :love_letter:


He’s been approved for access. Will he be the primary contact requesting POAPs on behalf of the project? If so, I think you’re good.

Thanks for bearing with us. We’re trying to build a plane while flying it, so there’s gonna be a bit of sharp steering, but if we’re all going to get through this it’ll be together.


Welcome to the space! Excited to have you around, and to build more cool shit together.


More than willing to do what is needed. I think we all are “building while flying”

Here to serve. Have a great day.

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Ok, I will let him know. We are just trying to serve our communities and want to understand the process and also future lead times for requests so we can be ready. It reflects poorly on us when we can’t deliver.

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I wrote “building while flying” not knowing you wrote it as well :joy::joy::joy:

I will be primary point person in relationships to POAPS.

Let’s build insane crazy community and change lives.

Dr. M


Hello :wave:t2:

Nice to meet everyone. I’m an artist and POAP enthusiast! :tada:
Looking forward to learning more about the poap ecosystem and building the community together! :rocket:
:unicorn: Amanda

My most recent POAP event was for participation in a community experiment with Big Head Club. :test_tube:


Love it. Welcome to community.


Hi everyone,

Nice to meet you all! I’m from the metav3rse fam and helping organize the PFPs for the various events across Discord, Twitter, and Instagram. We’ve only done 1 event so far as a POAP (ID#21778) but hope to introduce more going forward.

Check us out on Instagram and Twitter!

We have an upcoming project called MV3 to keep an eye on as well!


Welcome. I look forward to following what you do.

Dr. M


Hello, I’m Rachel/HyperZen.
IRL I’ve worked in film, TV and video games, my educational background is Library Science, archives, Spanish and photography. Currently in video games, and would like to bring these two passions together.

In April 2021, was inspired by Beeple’s big sale to give this NFT thing a try and have been voraciously researching and seeing how I can bring some of my photography and other art into this space. I’m looking to use POAPs to add an NFT element to my Twitch channel where I play games, crochet and fundraise.

I’m a collector at heart and love that this also gives me to opportunity to create as well as collect.

Some of the collections I’ve created are:
HyperZen Happy Holidays 2021-2022
HyperZen’s Twelve and a Half book giveaway
HyperZen’s 2021 Winter Creative St. Jude Donor

And I also created these:
Let’s VeeFriends Clubhouse Pass Wk 2
Let’s VeeFriends CH Week 15
LVF Accountability
Let’s VeeFriends x 2021 POAPathon Holiday Spectacular | HyperZen Edition


Well done and welcome. You have created some absolute awesomeness for sure

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gm all! :wave:

I first discovered POAP’s with the ENS 4th Anniversary Snapshot Vote on 04-June-2021 and I was instantly intrigued. I have always had fun collecting things and particularly find it interesting having digital tokens that capture things. Photos stop time. Geo coordinates stop motion. POAPs are a time capsule of something of note.

I created my first POAP to give to the members of my book club when we read Klara and the Sun. Mindblown! I think it was shortly after that that I joined the POAP Discord. I’m also a proud holder of the Early Issuer POAP. I’ve since created 12 POAP events for a variety of uses.

Special POAPs, that have a place in my heart.

I’ve become quite a fan of the project. I think it is a great way to curate memories. I also love it as a way to introduce people to crypto as a totally non-economic activity.

I didn’t realize how bad farming was until we issued our Reading Things First 100 POAP. We have a family newsletter called Reading Things that is all about, well, reading. My whole family writes in it and we send quarterly. We sent this POAP because we hit 100 subscribers. I didn’t know at the time how to do a unique claim code to each subscriber (like I did for the Weekly Thing 200 one)… so I just put a link in… it was farmed terribly. I honestly wish I could “burn” that whole event and destroy all those tokens because they are trash… the farmers destroyed what should have been a cool memory for us to celebrate with these 100 first subscribers…

This got a bit longer than I was expecting… It is fun to continue to see the growth of the POAP ecosystem! You can see my collection of POAPs as well…


Hello everyone,

I love to see poap in my collection, when i see poap i want to get it.
Metaverse is good but looking at your poap collection is better.

This is the beginning and it’s only growing faster :rocket: