Index Coop: Best Practice for POAP Distribution?

Hi there, POAP community!

I’m Chavis, I work design and growth over at Index Coop.

We’ve been pretty avid issuers of POAPs for our events, both virtual and IRL, since early last year. I’m hoping to connect here RE: current best practices for creating / issuing / tracking as we head into 2022.

We’ve trialed a few different methods for distributing POAPs.

1. Manually

Last summer at an event in New York, one of our contributors took the Ethereum addresses provided by registrants, minted the POAPs one-by-one manually on xDAI, and then took all the attendees that only provided an email and did a mail merge so they each received a unique link.

2. We Jerry-rigged Gleam Giveaway Software

This has perhaps been our most common go-to after thinking of it. Gleam is a subscription based growth hacking software built around facilitating giveaways. They have a certain feature that allows for distributing coupon claim codes after the users completes certain actions. Filling in the coupon codes with redeem links allows for an effective, if not somewhat clunky, POAP distribution method.

At Token2049 in London we actually created a poster with a QR link that led to the Gleam landing page.
The only thing is that Gleam doesn’t allow to just give out the code, you must have some action be completed (follow on twitter, visit our website, etc…)

3. Discord POAP Bot

Pretty self explanatory. After some trial and error with bots cleaning out our codes, I think this has been a pretty good method. I’ve also read a bit on the DEGEN Discord distribution channel here, but we haven’t tried it.

So my question is:
We have a non Discord-native webinar series coming up, and i’d like to check in on current thoughts for most efficient distribution? None of the listed methods are really ideal for this - manual works but i’ve got to imagine there’s an easier way to do this that we’re missing.

Thanks for any help.

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:wave: @ChavisChance
Happy to offer some advice!

Depending on the amount of people attending your webinar, I would recommend distribution by secret word. I recommend keeping the mint window open for only 10-15 minutes to avoid POAP farming.

Take a look at the following resources, let me know if you have any additional questions, comments, or queries.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

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